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Where Is Chad Sabadie Going After Leaving WDSU? – News

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Where Is Chad Sabadie Going After Leaving WDSU? – News

Chad Sabadie's Next Move After Leaving WDSU: An In-Depth Look


News: Chad Sabadie, a well-known media personality and news anchor, recently announced his departure from WDSU, leaving fans curious about his next career move. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Chad Sabadie, exploring his past accomplishments, his journey at WDSU, and speculating on what the future holds for this talented reporter. From his early beginnings to his departure from WDSU, we will provide a comprehensive account of Chad Sabadie’s professional life.

Who is Chad Sabadie?

Chad Sabadie is a renowned figure in the media industry, known for his expertise in various fields. He gained prominence as a news anchor for WDSU, where he captivated audiences with his exceptional reporting skills. However, before joining WDSU, Chad’s career began at FOX 44, where he served as the Evening News Anchor. It was during his time at FOX 44 that he honed his skills and established a reputation for delivering quality news.

Chad’s journey at WDSU

In 2005, Chad Sabadie embarked on his professional career in the media industry as a sports director at WDSU, located in Greenville, MS. Although he initially focused on sports, he soon expanded his coverage to various genres of news. It was at WDSU that Chad’s career took a significant turn, as he became a prominent figure in the news industry.

During his tenure at WDSU, Chad Sabadie garnered a loyal following of viewers who admired his dedication and passion for journalism. He reported on numerous local and national stories, earning the respect of his colleagues and audiences alike. However, in July 2023, Chad shocked his fans by announcing his departure from WDSU, leaving them wondering about his future endeavors.

Where is Chad Sabadie now?

Since his departure from WDSU, Chad Sabadie has maintained a low profile, refraining from making any public appearances or engaging with his audience on social media platforms. This absence has only intensified the curiosity surrounding his next move, leading us to wonder where Chad might have embarked on his career after leaving WDSU.

Speculations and possibilities

Given Chad Sabadie’s impressive track record and expertise in the media industry, there are several possibilities regarding his next career move. It is conceivable that he may have received lucrative offers from other news networks, showcasing his talents and expanding his reach to wider audiences.

Furthermore, considering Chad’s experience and reputation, he may have ventured into independent journalism or even explored opportunities in media consulting and public speaking. These avenues would allow him to leverage his expertise and offer valuable insights to aspiring journalists or organizations seeking guidance in the media landscape.

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Additionally, Chad Sabadie might have taken a sabbatical to recharge and reflect on his future goals. Taking time away from the demanding world of news reporting can provide individuals with the opportunity to explore new interests, expand their knowledge, and gain fresh perspectives on their career trajectory.


In conclusion, Chad Sabadie’s departure from WDSU has left his fans curious about his next career move. As a well-respected news anchor, Chad has captivated audiences with his exceptional reporting skills and dedication to journalism. While his current whereabouts remain unknown, there are several possibilities for his next career move, including opportunities in news networks, independent journalism, media consulting, or even a sabbatical to explore new interests. Regardless of his next endeavor, Chad Sabadie’s talent and passion for journalism will undoubtedly continue to shine in whatever path he chooses to pursue.

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