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Is Parvez Elahi arrested? Chaudhry challenges his arrest in Islamabad High Court – News 

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Is Parvez Elahi arrested? Chaudhry challenges his arrest in Islamabad High Court

Parvez Elahi's Arrest: Legal Controversy and Public Reaction in Pakistan


News: In a recent turn of events, the arrest of Parvez Elahi, the president of Imran Khan’s party, has sparked controversy and confusion in Pakistan. Despite court orders for his release, Elahi was re-arrested by the Islamabad Police, leading to questions about the adherence to legal procedures and the independence of the judiciary. This article aims to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Parvez Elahi’s arrest, the court’s response, and the public’s reaction.


Parvez Elahi’s arrest comes in the midst of a charged political atmosphere in Pakistan. Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister and leader of the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) party, has faced significant opposition and criticism, leading to protests and unrest across the country. The arrest of party leaders and workers following the May 9 riots further escalated tensions and highlighted the government’s crackdown on the PTI leadership.

The Lahore High Court’s Order

The Lahore High Court, in response to a corruption case against Parvez Elahi, ordered his immediate release. The court issued strict warnings to the authorities against any further arrest of the former Chief Minister of Punjab. However, the Islamabad Police disregarded these orders and apprehended Elahi once again. This blatant defiance of court orders raises concerns about the rule of law and the ability of one court to countermand another’s directives.

The Role of the National Accountability Bureau

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) also plays a significant role in Parvez Elahi’s arrest. Despite the court’s strong orders, the NAB failed to produce Elahi and was consequently reprimanded by Justice Amjad Rafiq. The Lahore High Court’s displeasure with the conduct of the NAB and the Punjab provincial government reflects a deep-rooted frustration with the lack of accountability and adherence to legal procedures.

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Public Reaction and Perplexity

Parvez Elahi’s arrest has left the public perplexed and questioning the actions of the authorities. The disregard for court orders and the subsequent re-arrest of Elahi has fueled public frustration and raised doubts about the independence of the judiciary. Many Pakistanis are already grappling with economic challenges and socio-political unrest, and this incident further exacerbates their concerns.

The Call for an Inquiry

Justice Amjad Rafiq, in response to the violation of court orders, has called for an inquiry into the conduct of the agencies involved in Parvez Elahi’s arrest. This investigation aims to hold accountable those responsible for disregarding the court’s directives and undermining the authority of the Lahore High Court. The outcome of this inquiry will be crucial in restoring public trust in the judicial system and ensuring that such incidents do not recur in the future.


The arrest of Parvez Elahi and the subsequent re-arrest by the Islamabad Police has ignited a legal controversy and raised serious questions about the rule of law in Pakistan. The Lahore High Court’s order for his release, the role of the National Accountability Bureau, and the public’s reaction have highlighted the need for accountability, transparency, and respect for judicial decisions. Only through a thorough investigation and adherence to legal procedures can trust in the judiciary be restored and the foundations of democracy strengthened in Pakistan.

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