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Unlocking Throwing Styles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Unlock Unique Throwing Styles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Unlock Unique Throwing Styles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

News: In November 2022, Nintendo Switch users welcomed the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, marking the franchise’s ninth generation. Crafted by Game Freak and jointly presented by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, these RPGs transport players to the Paldea region—a vast open-world reminiscent of the Iberian Peninsula. Offering three unique narratives, 110 fresh Pokemon species, and the intriguing Terastal event allowing Pokemon to adopt a unique “Tera Type,” the games have earned praise for their expansive landscapes and captivating storylines.

Unlocking Throwing Styles

In the Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a standout feature allows players to customize their trainer’s throwing styles when initiating a battle with a Pokemon. While these animations don’t impact the game mechanics, they certainly enhance the visual appeal of your battles. To tailor these animations to your liking, visit the Support Board within the League Club room and spend Battle Points (BP) to unlock various styles. Options range from the poised “Elegant” to the nimble “Ninja,” with others like “Smug” and “Twirling” in the mix. Modifying your throwing style comes at a cost of 10 BP each time, offering a delightful way to infuse personality into your trainer and elevate your Pokemon encounters.

How to Unlock Throwing Styles

To unlock Throwing Styles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC, you can follow these steps:

  1. Begin the questline in The Indigo Disk DLC and meet Carmine at the Central Plaza in the Terarium. He will lead you to Drayton at the Blueberry Academy’s League Club room.
  2. Access the PC in the League Club room to donate BP. You can earn BP from various activities like BBQs and donate them to student clubs. Donating 150 BP to the baseball club will unlock Smug and Elegant throwing styles.
  3. Continue donating BP through the Support Board in the League Club room to unlock additional styles. If you donate more to the baseball club, you will unlock Twirling and Ninja styles.
  4. To change your throwing style, simply return to the League Club room’s Support Board, pay 10 BP to Mitch, and alter your style. Keep in mind that there is a fee each time you want to change your style.

Other Exciting Gameplay Features

In addition to the captivating Throwing Styles feature, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet boast a plethora of engaging gameplay elements. Players can embark on capturing and trading Pokemon, traverse the expansive landscapes of the Paldea region, challenge fellow trainers to exhilarating battles, and delve into the Terastal phenomenon. This unique phenomenon allows Pokemon to metamorphose into crystalline structures, embodying distinct “Tera Types,” further enriching the gaming experience.

The Paldea Region

The Paldea region serves as an enchanting backdrop, intricately modeled after the varied terrains of the Iberian Peninsula. Spanning serene lakes, expansive deserts, and towering peaks, it presents a tapestry of exploration opportunities. Within this scenic setting, the narrative of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet comes to life, guiding players on an enthralling odyssey filled with regional mysteries and thrilling adventures.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet deliver a deeply immersive gaming adventure, blending distinctive features, compelling narratives, and the innovative Throwing Styles customization. Whether you’re passionate about intense Pokemon skirmishes or eager to explore uncharted territories, these titles cater to diverse gaming preferences. Prepare yourself to traverse the enchanting landscapes of the Paldea region and set forth on a memorable Pokemon expedition. Enjoy your gaming experience!


Q: Are there additional Throwing Styles to unlock beyond the ones mentioned?

A: Presently, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer the Smug, Elegant, Twirling, and Ninja styles for unlocking.

Q: In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, do the Throwing Styles influence gameplay?

A: Throwing Styles in the game are purely visual animations, adding a personalized flair to trainers and battles without impacting gameplay mechanics.

Q: What’s the frequency at which I can switch my throwing style?

A: You’re free to change your throwing style as frequently as you desire, by paying a fee of 10 BP each time at the League Club room’s Support Board.

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