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Creating SnowBerry Shake in LEGO Fortnite: Utilizing SnowBerries

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How to Use SnowBerries in LEGO Fortnite

How to Use SnowBerries in LEGO Fortnite

News: Within the LEGO Fortnite game, Snowberries serve as prized items. Consuming them grants heat resistance, and they also serve as key components for crafting diverse recipes that offer prolonged benefits. Below is a comprehensive guide on maximizing the use of Snowberries in your gameplay:

Individual Consumption

– Enhanced Heat Protection: When you consume a single Snowberry, you’ll receive a brief 2-minute boost in heat resistance. To activate this effect, navigate to your inventory, select the Snowberries, and consume them. This enhancement shields your character from the game’s intense temperatures.

Crafting Recipes

– Crafting a Snowberry Shake: Combine 2 Snowberries with 1 Milk using a Juicer to concoct the Snowberry Shake. When consumed, this shake offers a 2-minute heat resistance enhancement similar to consuming a Snowberry individually.

– Crafting a Fruit Pie: To whip up a Fruit Pie, assemble these ingredients: 1 Flour, 1 Raspberry, 3 Snowberries, and 3 Slap Berries. Utilize an Oven to bake the pie. When consumed, this delightful treat bestows a prolonged heat resistance benefit to your character within the game.

Snowberry Seeds

– Utilizing the Grain Mill: Employ the Grain Mill to produce both Flour and Snowberry Seeds. When you grind Snowberries using this mill, you’ll harvest Snowberry Seeds. Cultivate these seeds within your village to nurture Snowberry bushes, guaranteeing a consistent resource for subsequent needs.

Usage Tips

– Accumulate Snowberries: Maintaining a substantial stash of Snowberries in your inventory is recommended. This ensures you’re equipped to craft Snowberry Shakes or ingest them when needed, particularly when navigating Frostlands Biomes or encountering severe weather challenges.

– Cultivating Snowberries: Think about setting up a farm within your village using Snowberry Seeds procured from the Grain Mill. This strategy guarantees a consistent supply of Snowberries, eliminating the frequent need to gather them from external sources.

How to Make SnowBerry Shake in LEGO Fortnite?

To create a Snowberry Shake in LEGO Fortnite, follow these steps:

– 2 Snowberries
– 1 Milk

– Juicer

1. Gather Snowberries: Head into the Frostlands Biomes to find Snowberries. These small bushes have blueberries attached to them and are usually found in clusters on the outskirts of snowy areas or on snowy mountaintops.
2. Collect Milk: Obtain milk by either petting a cow or managing your own in the game.
3. Use the Juicer: Once you have the required ingredients, access a Juicer in your inventory or within your LEGO Fortnite village.
4. Craft the Snowberry Shake: Place 2 Snowberries and 1 Milk into the Juicer interface. Follow the prompts or selection options available to combine these ingredients and craft the Snowberry Shake.
5. Retrieve the Snowberry Shake: After the crafting process is complete, you will receive the Snowberry Shake as a usable item in your inventory.
6. Utilize the Snowberry Shake: Use the Snowberry Shake in the game whenever you need to increase your heat resistance. Upon consumption, it grants 2 minutes of enhanced heat resistance, helping you endure harsh weather conditions within the game.

Keep in mind, Snowberry Shakes serve as vital tools for enduring the harsh climates within LEGO Fortnite’s demanding landscapes. Ensure you have a ready supply on hand for your expeditions and adventures.


Q: Is there any other use for Snowberries in LEGO Fortnite?

A: Snowberries in LEGO Fortnite are specifically meant for heat resistance and crafting recipes; they don’t serve any other function within the game.

Q: What is the duration of the Snowberry Shake’s effects?

A: When consumed, the Snowberry Shake offers a temporary heat resistance that lasts for 2 minutes in LEGO Fortnite.

Q: How common are Snowberries within the game?

A: Snowberries can be located in the Frostlands Biomes. While they aren’t exceedingly scarce, players might consider gathering them in abundance or setting up a farm for consistent availability.

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