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NBCC Q3 Results 2024: Date and Time, Share Price and Target

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 @ 11:33 AM

NBCC Q3 2024 Results: Date and Time Announcement Awaited

NBCC Q3 2024 Results

News: National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC) is a big player in building stuff. People who invest in it and those who care about it are waiting for the numbers about how well the company is doing. In this article, we’ll talk about the Q3 2024 results of NBCC. We’ll look at when they’re telling us the news, how the share price is doing, and what they plan for the future.

Key Points

1. When They’re Telling Us the News

  • They are going to talk about NBCC’s Q3 results on February 13, 2024.
  • If you’re interested, don’t forget to check for updates on that day.

2. Share Price Info

  • As of February 12, 2024, NBCC’s share price is ₹147.95 on the NSE.
  • The price went down by 3.87% from the last time they checked, which was ₹153.90.
  • People who invest in NBCC keep a close eye on the share price. Big changes can affect their decisions.

3. No Debt Troubles

  • NBCC has been debt-free for five years now.
  • This means they handle their money well.

4. Money Growth

  • NBCC makes more money each year. The three-year average growth rate is 2.59%, but recently, it’s been 13.66%.
  • This is good news because it shows NBCC can keep making money.

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5. Technical Stuff

  • Some technical thing happened in the week ending February 9, 2024.
  • Usually, after this, the price drops by 8.48% within seven weeks. Investors need to watch out for this.

6. Other Numbers to Know

  • Price-to-earnings (PE) ratio: 80.16
  • Earnings per share (EPS): ₹1.85 (last twelve months)
  • Market capitalization: ₹26,631.00 crore
  • Dividend yield: 0.36%
  • Face value: ₹1.00

People who invest and those who just like to know what’s going on are waiting to hear about NBCC’s Q3 results. When they talk about how much money they’re making or what their plans are, it’s important to pay attention. Whether you’re a pro at investing or just curious, NBCC’s Q3 results tell us a lot about what’s happening in the building world.


Q: When will NBCC (India) Limited tell us about its money situation for the third quarter of 2024?

A: We’re not sure about the exact date and time for NBCC (India) Limited to share its Q3 2024 financial results. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for updates from the company or official filings with regulators.

Q: What things make NBCC’s share price go up or down?

A: NBCC’s share price can go up or down based on things like how much the company is worth, its price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio), and the dividends it pays out. Changes in the stock market and market trends also play a part in affecting the share price.

Q: How much is NBCC worth in the market?

A: NBCC’s market capitalization is 26.61 trillion INR. This number shows the total value of all the company’s shares that are out there.


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