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Bandhan Bank Q3 Results 2024: Date and Time, Share Price and Target

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 @ 11:34 AM

Bandhan Bank’s Q3 2024 Results: A Strong Performance

Bandhan Bank's Q3 2024 Results: A Strong Performance

News: Bandhan Bank, a big name in Indian banking, recently shared how well it did from October to December 2023. Let’s talk about the important details of how the bank performed during this time.

1. Profit Jump

  • Net Profit: Bandhan Bank made a big jump in how much money it earned. It went up 2.5 times, reaching Rs 732.7 crore by the end of December 2023. This was more than what experts thought³.

2. Quarterly Performance

  • Earnings: The bank’s net profit went from Rs 290.6 crore in the last quarter to the current Rs 732.7 crore. This big increase shows how well the bank did in Q3 FY24².
  • Expectations: Experts guessed the net profit would be around Rs 789.3 crore, but Bandhan Bank did even better².

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3. Share Price and Target

  • Share Price: The exact share price can change, but Bandhan Bank’s good financial results are likely to make its share price go up on the stock exchanges.
  • Investor Sentiment: Investors should watch closely how the bank is doing and think about its future when making investment choices.

4. Asset Quality and Outlook

  • Asset Quality Improvement: Bandhan Bank did well in all areas, and fixing bad assets helped a lot. The bank’s focus on handling non-performing assets (NPAs) was a key part of this growth⁴.
  • Future Prospects: As the bank keeps growing and making customers happy, we can expect more good news in the next few months.

Bandhan Bank’s Q3 results show it can handle changes in the market well. With a big jump in profit and a positive outlook, the bank is still a big name in India’s money world.


Q: How’s Bandhan Bank doing in terms of its profit?

A: Bandhan Bank’s profit has gone up quite a bit, hitting ₹732.7 crore in Q3 2024. This marks a big 152.06% increase from the same time last year.

Q: What made Bandhan Bank’s net interest income grow?

A: The boost in net interest income is because the bank expanded its loan offerings. The loan portfolio grew by 18.6%, reaching ₹1.16 lakh crore, mainly thanks to more loans in retail and commercial banking.

Q: How’s Bandhan Bank holding up in the market?

A: Bandhan Bank is standing strong in the financial world. It has a solid customer base, positive vibes from investors, and keeps delivering good financial results. The bank is set up well for even more success ahead.


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