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How to Check BDO Credit Card Application Status?

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How to Check BDO Credit Card Application Status?

How to Check BDO Credit Card Application Status?

News: Applying for a credit card can be exciting, but waiting for the approval can sometimes feel like watching a kettle boil. Fear not! Let’s find out how you can track the status of your BDO Credit Card application:

1. Reference Number and Email

1. When you applied for your BDO Credit Card, you received a reference number via SMS or email. Keep that handy—it’s your golden ticket!

2. If you’ve got that reference number, great! Click on the link provided in the notification. You’ll need to enter both the reference number and the email address you used during your application.

3. If you didn’t receive a reference number or can’t find it, don’t worry. Move on to the next step.

2. No Reference Number? No Problem!

1. If the reference number eluded you or vanished into thin air, fret not. We’ve got a solution.

2. Give our BDO Customer Contact Center a buzz at (+632) 8631-8000.

3. When you call, press:

  • 1 for Philippine Customers
  • 3 for BDO Cards
  • 1 for BDO Credit Cards
  • 5 for Card Application Status

3. Online Option

1. Prefer the digital route? Visit the BDO Card Application Status page.

2. Enter your TIN (Tax Identification Number) or SSS (Social Security System) number along with your 10-digit application ID number.

3. Voilà! You’ll get the lowdown on your application status.

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4. Branch Visit

1. Old-school vibes? No worries! Pop into the nearest BDO branch where you submitted your application.

2. Ask the friendly folks there about your credit card application status.

3. Dial 2 when they pick up to inquire about the status.


How much time does it take to get the thumbs-up for a BDO credit card?

Answer: The approval journey for a BDO credit card isn’t set in stone and can swing based on a few things. Usually, it cruises through the processing lane and lands approval in about 5 to 7 business days.

Is it possible to peek at the status of my BDO credit card application without that reference number?

Answer: Sadly, the reference number is like the golden key for checking your application status online. No key, no entry. But don’t fret! If you’re stuck without it, a lifeline to BDO Customer Service can sort things out.

What’s the game plan if my BDO credit card application hits a rejection wall?

Answer: If the BDO credit card green light turns into a red stop sign, don’t lose hope. Connect with the BDO Customer Service crew to dig into the why behind the rejection and uncover some alternative routes that might just be open for you.

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