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Woman Sues Dentist For Performing Over 30 Procedures In One Sitting

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Woman Files Lawsuit Against Dentist for Multiple Surgical Procedures in One Visit

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Dentist for Multiple Surgical Procedures in One Visit

News: A lawsuit has been initiated against Dr. Kevin Molldrem by Kathleen Wilson, a Minnesota resident. Wilson claims that Dr. Molldrem conducted more than 30 dental procedures in a single appointment, leading to substantial harm to her dental health. The alleged incident took place in July 2020, and Wilson lodged the formal civil lawsuit against the dentist on December 21.

The Allegations

Wilson explained that she initially approached Dr. Molldrem for severe tooth decay issues. Yet, she alleges that the dentist exceeded reasonable limits by conducting twenty fillings, eight crowns, and four root canals in a single session. This overwhelming procedure left Wilson feeling stunned and humiliated, prompting her to consult other dental specialists to address the repercussions of Dr. Molldrem’s actions.

Anesthesia Concerns

Apart from the multitude of procedures conducted, Wilson further alleges that Dr. Molldrem administered an excessively high dosage of anesthesia without adequately reviewing her medical history. Typically, for procedures as extensive as Wilson’s, the advised anesthesia dosage is approximately 490 milligrams. Yet, Dr. Molldrem purportedly proceeded with the surgery within a five-hour span just a week after the initial diagnosis, a practice deemed irregular and not consistent with standard medical protocols.

The case has ignited widespread controversy and captured considerable public interest. Numerous individuals are raising concerns about Dr. Molldrem’s ethics and professional conduct, making it a subject of extensive debate. As further details emerge, we will remain committed to updating you on this unfolding situation.


Q: Which treatments did Dr. Molldrem carry out on Kathleen Wilson?

A: Kathleen Wilson received twenty fillings, eight crowns, and four root canals from Dr. Molldrem.

Q: How much anesthesia did Dr. Molldrem give?

A: It’s believed that Dr. Molldrem gave an excessive amount of anesthesia, surpassing the advised dosage for those procedures.

Q: What reservations does the public have about Dr. Molldrem’s behavior?

A: Dr. Molldrem’s actions have raised concerns about his ethical and professional conduct, leading to extensive public debate.

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