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Why is Suzi Perry Not on MotoGP Today? Where is Suzi Perry Now? – News

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Why is Suzi Perry Not on MotoGP Today? Where is Suzi Perry Now?

The Absence of Suzi Perry from MotoGP Today


News: Suzi Perry, a renowned British television presenter and journalist, has left an indelible mark in the domains of television presenting and sports journalism. With an impressive career that spans over several decades, Perry has gained recognition for her work as a MotoGP presenter for the BBC, host of “The Gadget Show,” and the main anchor for the BBC’s Formula One coverage. However, fans were left wondering about her absence from MotoGP Today. This article aims to uncover the reasons behind Suzi Perry’s temporary departure, her extensive career in sports journalism, and her notable personal milestones.

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Suzi Perry’s Career in Sports Journalism

Suzi Perry’s illustrious career in sports journalism has made her a prominent figure in the industry. She dedicated an impressive 13 years to covering MotoGP for the BBC News, becoming a well-respected motorsports correspondent. Her versatility shines through in her work, as she has presented various sports-related programs such as Wimbledon, the Boat Race, the London Marathon, Royal Ascot, and the Great North Run.

In 2013, Perry made history by becoming the first woman to take on the full-time main anchor role in Formula One coverage on British television. Her transition to BT Sport saw her hosting motorsport content, including the MotoGP World Championship, FIM Speedway, and the World Rally Championship. Beyond her sports journalism career, Perry has also hosted “The Gadget Show” on Channel 5 and made appearances on different television shows and radio broadcasts.

Suzi Perry’s Personal Life

Amidst her successful career, Suzi Perry has also experienced significant events in her personal life. She was previously married to Steve Bullock in 1997, but their marriage ended after four years. Following this, she became engaged to Bastien Boosten, a Dutch boyfriend she met during her work on “The Gadget Show.” Sadly, their relationship faced challenges when Perry experienced a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in February 2009, leading to surgery and significant blood loss.

Current Role at BT Sport

Currently, Suzi Perry holds the position of a MotoGP presenter for BT Sport. Since joining BT Sport in March 2016, she has served as the presenter for the channel’s motorsport content, including coverage of the MotoGP World Championship, FIM Speedway, and the World Rally Championship. Perry collaborates with former bike racers and pundits Sylvain Guintoli, Michael Laverty, and Natalie Quirk to provide comprehensive coverage for MotoGP enthusiasts. Neil Hodgson and Gavin Emmett enhance the experience with their commentary and reporting during MotoGP events.

Reasons Behind Suzi Perry’s Absence from MotoGP Today

Suzi Perry’s recent absence from MotoGP Today can be attributed to a health-related issue. In a candid Twitter post, Perry mentioned a disconnect between her body and mind, suggesting a health issue that required her temporary departure from her professional commitments. While specific details were not disclosed, her fans were reassured that the MotoGP team would continue providing top-quality coverage from Austria during her absence. Perry expressed her intention to return soon, indicating that her absence is temporary.


Suzi Perry’s absence from MotoGP Today has left fans curious about her whereabouts. However, it has been revealed that her departure is due to a health-related issue, which she openly shared on Twitter. Despite her temporary absence, Perry’s extensive career in sports journalism, including her notable contributions to MotoGP coverage, Formula One, and various sports-related programs, has solidified her reputation in the industry. Her personal life has also seen significant milestones, with marriages and challenges that shaped her journey. Currently, Perry serves as a MotoGP presenter for BT Sport, delivering comprehensive coverage alongside a team of experts. While the exact nature of her health concern remains undisclosed, fans can rest assured that Suzi Perry’s absence is temporary, and she intends to return to her presenting duties in the near future.

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