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Who was Dave Myers? Who was Dave Myers Married to? Who is Liliana Orzac?

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Who was Dave Myers? Who was Dave Myers Married to? Who is Liliana Orzac?

Dave Myers and Liliana Orzac

News: Dave Myers, one of the Hairy Bikers pair, shared a captivating love tale with his wife, Liliana Orzac. The two first encountered each other in 2011 during the production of the renowned cooking show, Hairy Bikers, in Romania. Liliana, a mother of two from a previous relationship, immediately captured Dave’s interest, and their bond was unmistakable.

The Beginnings of a Connection

Prior to officially becoming a couple, Dave and Liliana began their connection as pen pals. This enabled them to forge a profound emotional bond, and their relationship blossomed from that foundation. Dave consistently commended Liliana for her resilience and steadfast support, particularly during his battle with cancer. She played a pivotal role in assisting him through the challenges of treatment, alongside the support of his close friend and co-star, Si King.

A Dream Come True

Dave had always dreamt of becoming a stepfather, and marrying Liliana allowed him to fulfill that dream. Despite the obstacles they faced, including Dave’s health issues, their marriage was a testament to their love and resilience. Liliana stood by Dave’s side through thick and thin, proving her unwavering commitment and dedication to their relationship.

The Legacy of Dave Myers

Dave Myers was born on September 8, 1957, in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England, and he made a significant impact on British television. Alongside his partner Si King, he formed the dynamic duo known as the Hairy Bikers. Their entertaining and informative cooking shows captivated audiences across the nation. Beyond their culinary adventures, Dave showcased his versatility by participating in the popular BBC celebrity talent competition, Strictly Come Dancing.

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A Dedication to Health and Wellness

Dave and Si delved into the realm of health and wellness by establishing The Hairy Bikers Diet Club. This initiative reflected their commitment to advocating for healthier lifestyles without compromising on the pleasure of indulgent and flavorful cuisine. Dave’s impact reached beyond his television persona, embodying a sense of fellowship, culinary exploration, and a dedication to embracing a more fulfilling life.

A Lasting Love

Regrettably, Dave Myers passed away on February 28, 2024, at the age of 66. Throughout their union, Liliana Orzac remained a steadfast source of strength and support for Dave, standing by him during health challenges, celebrating personal triumphs, and offering unwavering love and care.

The love story of Dave Myers and Liliana Orzac epitomizes true connection and resilience. Their shared journey highlights the transformative power of love, support, and the significance of treasuring every moment. Dave’s legacy will endure in the hearts of his fans, and Liliana’s unwavering commitment to their relationship serves as a testament to the profound love they experienced.


Q: How did the meeting between Dave and Liliana take place?

A: Dave and Liliana crossed paths during the filming of the cooking show, Hairy Bikers, in Romania.

Q: What contributions did Dave make to the entertainment industry?

A: Dave left a mark on the entertainment industry through his involvement in the Hairy Bikers cooking shows and his participation in Strictly Come Dancing.

Q: In what ways did Liliana assist Dave during his cancer battle?

A: Liliana provided essential support to Dave, aiding him in facing the challenges of cancer treatment and offering unwavering encouragement.

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