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Who is Ricardo Whilby? Owner of a New Jersey towing company causes a disturbance in public meeting with an anti-Israeli “go back” slogan.

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Addressing the Disruptive Behavior of Ricardo Whilby: A Closer Look at the Controversial Incidents

Addressing the Disruptive Behavior of Ricardo Whilby: A Closer Look at the Controversial Incidents

News: Ricardo Whilby, recognized as a co-owner of Red Hills Towing located in Englewood, New Jersey, has recently drawn significant scrutiny for his controversial conduct during public gatherings. His contentious comments against Jews and endorsement of terrorism have raised alarm and garnered widespread criticism from the local community. This piece delves into the events surrounding Whilby and examines the possible repercussions for his towing enterprise.

The Controversial Incidents:

At a recent Englewood city council meeting, Whilby’s disruptive comments drew widespread attention. He made derogatory statements towards Jews, telling them to “return to Germany, Europe, Belgium, or wherever you originate.” Such anti-Semitic language not only incited anger but also emphasized the urgency of tackling hate speech in public discussions.

During a Teaneck Board of Education session, Whilby’s disruptive actions escalated significantly. He voiced support for terrorism and called for the downfall of Israel, loudly proclaiming the unsettling slogan, “From the river to the sea! By any means necessary!” Such provocative behavior prompted police involvement and deepened apprehensions within the community.

Additionally, at an Englewood city council session on October 24, Whilby directed his derogatory remarks specifically towards pro-Israel Jewish participants. Echoing his earlier behavior, he shouted offensive comments at a woman, insinuating that she should go back to her familial homeland.

Consequences and Community Response:

Whilby’s behavior has elicited broad alarm and criticism. His derogatory comments, aimed at Jews and spreading inaccurate assertions about Jewish ties to the transatlantic slave trade, have faced significant backlash. A rabbi characterized Whilby’s remarks as offensive, highlighting his use of terms like “descendants of Satan” and “Christ-killers” to describe Jews.

In light of these contentious episodes, concerns have emerged regarding Whilby’s standing within the community and the implications for his towing enterprise. As of December 18, 2023, Whilby continues to be identified as the co-owner and manager of Red Hills Towing and Transportation LLC in Englewood, New Jersey. The extent to which these events will impact the business’s reputation and clientele remains uncertain.

Ricardo Whilby’s disruptive conduct in public gatherings, marked by anti-Israel sentiments and derogatory comments towards Jews, has sparked considerable scrutiny and disapproval. Such episodes underscore the importance for communities to tackle hate speech, ensuring that public discussions uphold respect and inclusivity. As repercussions loom for Whilby’s towing enterprise, it underscores the intertwining of personal actions with professional outcomes.


Q: Which derogatory comments did Ricardo Whilby make regarding Jews?

A: Ricardo Whilby made derogatory comments about Jews at a city council meeting, suggesting they should “return to Germany, Europe, Belgium, or wherever the hell they came from.”

Q: How did the public react to Whilby’s contentious remarks?

A: The public reacted with considerable alarm and disapproval, criticizing Whilby for his derogatory statements and unfounded allegations regarding Jewish participation in the transatlantic slave trade.

Q: What might be the repercussions for Whilby’s towing enterprise?

A: The potential consequences for the reputation and clientele of Whilby’s towing company, Red Hills Towing and Transportation LLC, are yet to be determined.

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