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Who Is Garrison Gabriel : Age, Ethnicity And Family Tree

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Garrison Gabriel: The Brother Behind the Scenes

Garrison Gabriel

News: Raised in a household steeped in a deep football legacy, Garrison Gabriel felt an early connection to the sport. Much like his sibling, Dillon Gabriel, he embarked on his football odyssey at Mililani High School, where he swiftly earned recognition as a standout on the high school football squad. His unmistakable talent and unwavering devotion to the game shone brightly.

A Supportive Brother

As Dillon’s football career soared to new heights, Garrison continued to play a crucial role as a steadfast source of support and mentorship. Despite the age gap, Dillon held his brother in high regard, even though he couldn’t witness Garrison’s own accomplishments firsthand due to the age difference. Nevertheless, their bond remained unbreakable, with Garrison stepping into the role of Dillon’s advisor during his senior year of high school and subsequently making the move to Orlando to provide unwavering support during Dillon’s college journey at UCF.

The Enigma of Garrison Gabriel

Garrison Gabriel, despite being linked to his renowned sibling, maintains a discreet presence and consciously avoids the glare of the media spotlight. He holds his personal life in high regard, treasuring his privacy. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that during his formative years, he engaged in Pop Warner football, underscoring his deep-rooted passion for the sport since a very young age.

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An Uncertain Age

Although specific details about Garrison Gabriel’s age are not publicly disclosed, it is established that he holds the position of the eldest among the trio of Gabriel siblings. Growing up alongside his younger brothers, Roman and Dillon, Garrison has consistently served as a guiding and influential presence in their lives. Notably, Roman, celebrated for his prowess in basketball, regards his older brothers as role models to emulate.

A Silent Partner

Despite maintaining a low public profile, Garrison Gabriel fulfills a pivotal role behind the scenes of Dillon’s football career. He presently resides in Norman, Oklahoma, overseeing his brother’s commercial operations throughout the football season. Furthermore, his substantial 50% ownership in DG the Brand underscores his deep involvement in Dillon’s various ventures.

As Dillon continues to garner attention and accolades in the football realm, both fans and the media harbor a growing curiosity about Garrison Gabriel’s formative years. While concrete information about his age and early life is currently scarce, the possibility remains that additional details about his background may surface in the future, satiating the public’s interest in learning more about him.


1. Who is Garrison Gabriel?

Garrison Gabriel is the older brother of football quarterback Dillon Gabriel. He has a background in football and plays a vital role in supporting his brother’s career.

2. What is known about Garrison Gabriel’s personal life?

Garrison Gabriel keeps a low profile and prefers to remain out of the media spotlight. Limited information is available about his personal life, as he values his privacy.

3. What is Garrison Gabriel’s current involvement?

Garrison Gabriel currently manages his brother’s commercial operations during the football season and owns a 50% stake in DG the Brand, showcasing his active participation in Dillon’s endeavors.

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