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Who Is Cari Farver? Where Is Cari Farver Now? All About Know

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Who Is Cari Farver? Where Is Cari Farver Now? All About Know

Who Was Cari Farver?

News: The world of online dating witnessed a sinister twist in the tale of Cari Farver. Seeking a casual relationship, the single mother intersected with Dave Kroupa in 2012. Dave, an unattached bachelor raising two children, appeared to be an ideal match for Cari’s hectic lifestyle. Unbeknownst to them, their brief meeting would unravel a perplexing series of events, leaving investigators puzzled and the community in disbelief.

Where Is Cari Farver Now?

Even though several years have elapsed since Cari Farver went missing and was tragically murdered, the haunting question persists: Where is Cari Farver now? The somber truth remains that her body has yet to be discovered, plunging her family and friends into a perpetual state of uncertainty.

The Tragic End: Cari Farver’s Murder

The enigma surrounding Cari Farver intensified upon the revelation that she met a gruesome fate orchestrated by Shanna ‘Liz’ Golyar. The love triangle entangling Cari, Liz, and Dave took a sinister turn, ultimately culminating in Farver’s tragic demise.

The precise details of Farver’s demise remain elusive, given that neither her body nor the murder weapon were ever discovered. Nevertheless, during Golyar’s trial, prosecutors introduced circumstantial evidence, including Farver’s blood found in Kroupa’s apartment and Golyar’s fingerprints in Farver’s car. Golyar’s post-crime activities, such as impersonating Farver online, served as additional confirmation of her culpability in Farver’s death.

The Investigation: Who Killed Cari Farver?

The mystery of Cari Farver’s killer was resolved as the investigation pointed to Shanna ‘Liz’ Golyar. The jealousy that fueled Golyar’s actions, such as posing as Farver and sending threatening messages to Dave Kroupa for an extended period, steered investigators along a convoluted path.

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Authorities failed to locate Cari, and it became evident that no one, including her family members, had seen her since 2012. The intricate deception masterminded by Golyar raised suspicions, ultimately directing the investigation towards her as the prime suspect.

Cari Farver’s disappearance and murder stand as a chilling reminder of the potential hazards within the realm of online dating. It serves as a cautionary tale for those embarking on digital quests for companionship. The tragedy of her premature death, coupled with the lingering uncertainty surrounding the details of her demise and the ongoing quest for her remains, leaves an enduring impact on both her loved ones and the community. May the narrative of Cari Farver prompt us to approach the online world with vigilance, placing our safety as the utmost priority.


Q: Could you provide information about Cari Farver?

A: Cari Farver, a single mother, went missing in 2012 after connecting with Dave Kroupa on an online dating platform.

Q: What transpired with Cari Farver?

A: Shanna ‘Liz’ Golyar murdered Cari Farver, adopting her identity and sending threatening messages to Dave Kroupa.

Q: Is there any update on the discovery of Cari Farver’s remains?

A: No, Cari Farver’s body remains undiscovered to this day.


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