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Where to find and catch Tombat in Palworld?

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Gaining Expertise in Capturing Tombat in Palworld

Gaining Expertise in Capturing Tombat in Palworld

News: In the captivating realm of Palworld, adventurers are always in pursuit of extraordinary and captivating creatures to augment their compendium. Among these, the enigmatic Tombat stands out—a Dark-type Pal scattered across diverse corners of the game world. For those keen on tracking down and ensnaring this highly coveted Pal, an extensive guide awaits to aid you in your expedition.

Palpagos Island at Night:

The primary hunting ground for Tombat is Palpagos Island, particularly during the nighttime. Spanning between the Plateau of Beginnings and the Grassy Behemoth Hills, this vast island is home to a plethora of Pals, including Tombat. To identify Tombat, keep an eye out for the purple fire that surrounds it in the darkness.

Other Islands:

Although Palpagos Island serves as the primary hub for Tombat sightings, intrepid players may also chance upon this elusive Pal on alternate islands, including Marsh Island, Eastern Wild Island, Forgotten Island, and Ice Wind Island. Venturing into these territories under the cover of night substantially heightens the likelihood of stumbling upon Tombat during your explorations.

Caves During the Day:

Although Tombat is predominantly a nocturnal creature, there is a slim chance of stumbling upon it during the daytime, particularly inside caves. One potential location is the Isolated Island Caverns, situated on the southwest side of the map near the Sea Breeze Archipelago. Don’t discount the possibility of finding Tombat during daylight hours.

To maximize your chances of capturing Tombat, it is crucial to weaken it first. Lowering Tombat’s health significantly increases your catch rate. Utilizing a powerful Dragon-type Pal to inflict damage can be an effective strategy, but exercise caution to avoid accidentally defeating Tombat instead of capturing it.

In addition to its combat capabilities, Tombat possesses unique skills in Gathering, Mining, and Transporting resources. Anything this Pal harvests will be automatically transported to your crates, making it an invaluable addition to your base.

Venturing Beyond Palpagos Island:

Venturing beyond the familiar terrain of Palpagos Island opens up a world of exploration and discovery in Palworld. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other islands you can explore:

Marsh Island:

Marsh Island offers a distinct landscape characterized by marshlands, dense vegetation, and winding waterways. Amidst the marshes, you may find Tombat, adding an element of mystery to your exploration of this unique island.

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Eastern Wild Island:

Known for its untamed wilderness, rugged terrain, and diverse ecosystem, Eastern Wild Island provides an exciting opportunity to encounter Tombat in its natural habitat. Prepare yourself for the challenges that await as you navigate this wild and unpredictable environment.

Forgotten Island:

Shrouded in mystery, Forgotten Island is a treasure trove of ancient ruins, overgrown forests, and hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled. As you make your way through forgotten ruins and dense foliage, keep an eye out for Tombat lurking in the shadows, adding an air of intrigue to your expedition.

Ice Wind Island:

Prepare to face the elements as you set foot on Ice Wind Island, a frozen expanse dominated by towering ice-capped peaks, icy lakes, and piercing winds that cut to the bone. Despite the unforgiving landscape, Tombat persists in this icy realm, offering a thrilling challenge as you navigate the frosty terrain in pursuit of this elusive creature.

Venturing beyond the familiar grounds of Palpagos Island not only broadens your horizons but also presents the opportunity to discover new environments and expand your collection of Pals. Each island presents its own unique trials and treasures, ensuring a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience within Palworld. So don your gear, hone your skills, and embark on an exhilarating quest to track down and capture the elusive Tombat. Expand your Pal collection and enrich your gaming journey by delving into these captivating locales. Happy hunting!


Q: Can I find Tombat during the daytime?

A: While Tombat is primarily active at night, there’s a slight possibility of encountering it during the day, particularly in cave environments.

Q: What’s the most effective approach to capturing Tombat?

A: It’s advisable to weaken Tombat’s health before attempting capture, enhancing your chances of success. Utilizing a strong Dragon-type Pal can aid in this process, but exercise caution to avoid inadvertently defeating Tombat.

Q: What abilities does Tombat possess?

A: In addition to its combat proficiency, Tombat excels in Gathering, Mining, and Transporting resources, rendering it invaluable for resource procurement tasks.

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