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What Is The Salary Of A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2023-2024: Names and NFL Salary

What Is The Salary Of A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

News: Commonly dubbed “America’s sweethearts,” the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders symbolize the deep-seated culture and vast fanbase of the NFL team. This article provides a glimpse into the team’s 2023-2024 cheerleading squad and sheds light on their compensation within the NFL. Buckle up for an intriguing exploration!

Meet The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad

For the much-anticipated 2023 season, the Dallas Cowboys have unveiled their cheerleading squad. This talented ensemble is set to debut their awe-inspiring performances at the team’s keenly awaited home opener. This year’s cheerleading line-up boasts names like Chandi, Kelcey, Armani, Claire, Dani, Darian, Elli, Jada, Jessica, McKenzie, Victoria, and Ashlinn. According to the Dallas Cowboys’ official website, the premier group of team leaders features Kelsey, McKenzie, Claire, and Chandi. Meanwhile, the secondary leadership team comprises Megan, Jada, Armani, and Dani.

NFL Salaries Details

A fascinating element regarding the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders is their compensation model. These talented cheerleaders earn $12 per hour for their mesmerizing performances, coupled with a $400 bonus for every game they participate in. Notably, veteran Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have the potential to earn as much as $75,000 in a season. This figure is particularly striking when compared to the salaries of cheerleaders from other NFL teams.

Victorious Celebrations

Following the Dallas Cowboys’ emphatic 30-10 victory over the New York Jets, jubilation erupted in the locker room, especially among the cheerleaders. This triumph was all the more special as it marked the team’s inaugural home game of the season, amplifying the elation for both the players and the cheerleading squad.

The Journey of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Established in September 1961, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as one of the most internationally acclaimed cheerleading squads in NFL lore. Their cutting-edge and athletic performances routinely earn widespread acclaim. The team thrives under the adept guidance of director Kelli Finglass, who once donned the uniform as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Holding the reins since 1991, Finglass has been instrumental in propelling the squad to its esteemed stature.

Selection Process and Eligibility Requirements

Earning a spot on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad is anything but easy. The intensive selection procedure comprises several phases, wherein aspirants must showcase their dancing expertise and magnetic stage presence. Kelli Finglass insists that every hopeful either be a trained dancer or have exceptional performance aptitude. This ensures that the squad remains an elite ensemble of dancers, upholding their stringent standards. Beyond dance capabilities, cheerleaders are also expected to be in peak physical shape. Given that games necessitate continuous activity over a span of three hours, with dances choreographed to around 150 unique musical pieces, their fitness levels are paramount.

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The 2023 Squad

The 2023 Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad presents a dynamic mix of experienced stalwarts and eager newcomers. First-time members Brooklyn Davis and Kennedy Hannan will be embarking on their debut season with the team. On the other hand, seasoned cheerleaders such as Kelcey Wetterberg and Chandi Dayle continue their journey with the squad, a testament to their enduring commitment and love for the Dallas Cowboys.

Covid-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. To persevere through the pandemic-related obstacles and keep the cheerleading program alive, the reality TV show “DCC: Making The Team” was launched. This show gave viewers an inside look at the adapted cheerleader selection process, which now encompassed online video submissions, semi-finals, face-to-face interviews, written evaluations, and the concluding talent auditions. Despite facing numerous challenges, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders never faltered in their mission to captivate fans worldwide.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are integral in molding the team’s persona and boosting fan interaction. Their unwavering dedication to perfection, complemented by their outstanding abilities, radiates in each performance. The upcoming 2023-2024 lineup consists of talented individuals ready to flaunt their skills and delight spectators. As the excitement builds for the onset of the new season, fans can trust that the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will persist in leaving them awestruck with their dazzling performances.

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