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What is Medal Farming in Helldivers 2?

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Helldivers 2 Introduces Medals as Currency for Unlocking Items Through Warbonds

Helldivers 2 Introduces Medals as Currency for Unlocking Items Through Warbonds

News: Within the realm of Helldivers 2, Medals function as a pivotal currency, enabling players to access a plethora of items via the game’s Warbonds system. While Medals can be acquired through standard gameplay, certain players may opt for a more strategic method to gather them efficiently.

Efficient Medal Farming: Tips and Strategies

To efficiently farm Medals in Helldivers 2, players should pay attention to the daily Personal Order. Completing these tasks will reward players with a substantial amount of Medals. While these orders can typically be completed without altering one’s playstyle significantly, it is important to be aware of the specific task at hand.

Maximizing Medal acquisition involves focusing on completing the main objectives in missions and aiming for swift extraction. While secondary objectives and map exploration can have their merits, players looking to amass Medals efficiently should prioritize mission completion and forego optional content.

A swift and effective method to accumulate Medals is to concentrate on completing missions as quickly as possible, leaving aside secondary objectives. The time-consuming process of exploring the map to fulfill bonus secondary objectives often results in meager rewards.

While exploring maps in Helldivers 2 may occasionally yield drops containing Medals, samples, or Super Credits, the rewards are not consistently substantial. Instead, players should concentrate on missions specifically tailored for Medal farming.

Among the missions optimized for swiftly accumulating Medals are Blitz: Search and Destroy and Eradicate. These typically take around 10 to 12 minutes each to complete, making them among the fastest options for Medal farming. Additionally, robot survival missions like ‘Extermination’ can be completed within a similar timeframe, offering another efficient avenue for gathering Medals.

Engaging in multiplayer co-op mode can be advantageous for players aiming to farm Medals, particularly if they have friends with the same objective. Collaborating on objectives in co-op mode accelerates mission completion, facilitating the acquisition of Medals. This cooperative aspect resonates with the core of Helldivers 2, which emphasizes teamwork.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for Medal farming, opting for repetitive missions featuring easily defeated robots and Terminind-class enemies tends to be effective. While higher difficulty missions yield more Medals, they also present challenges with tougher bosses and enemies, potentially prolonging completion times. Balancing efficiency and challenge is crucial when selecting missions for Medal farming.

Additionally, prioritizing the completion of daily Personal Orders is essential for efficient Medal farming in Helldivers 2. By regularly fulfilling these orders, players can significantly bolster their Medal count.

About Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is the highly anticipated sequel to the popular 2015 title, Helldivers. The game features a third-person perspective and offers a diverse gameplay experience involving two opposing factions and a challenging mission to reclaim planets for Super Earth.

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The narrative of Helldivers 2 centers on a conflict between two factions: the robotic Automatons and the insect-like Termininds, resulting in significant disruptions across Super Earth. Players assume the role of Helldivers, actively participating in the war effort to reclaim planets and establish freedom throughout the galaxy.

Helldivers 2 adopts a third-person viewpoint, enriching the cinematic experience of the game. The inclusion of Stratagems, special items introduced dynamically during gameplay, adds complexity and strategic depth. Furthermore, players have the opportunity to upgrade their equipment and customize their characters as they progress through the game.

Efficient Medal farming in Helldivers 2 entails swiftly completing main mission objectives, prioritizing daily Personal Orders, and selecting missions that strike a balance between efficiency and challenge. Engaging in multiplayer co-op mode can also provide advantages. By employing these strategies, players can optimize their Medal acquisition and unlock valuable in-game items.


1. What are the best missions for Medal farming?

The best missions for Medal farming in Helldivers 2 are Blitz: Search and Destroy, Eradicate, and Extermination.

2. Should I focus on secondary objectives or prioritize mission completion?

To efficiently farm Medals, it is recommended to prioritize mission completion over secondary objectives.

3. How can multiplayer co-op mode help with Medal farming?

Collaborating with friends in multiplayer co-op mode can accelerate mission completion and make it easier to acquire Medals.

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