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What is ‘Gadsden flag’? Meaning explained as Colorado student says teachers ‘not happy’ with his victory – News

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What is ‘Gadsden flag’? Meaning explained as Colorado student says teachers ‘not happy’ with his victory – News

Gadsden Flag


The Gadsden flag has recently sparked controversy in Colorado, as a 12-year-old student was instructed by school officials to remove a patch of the flag from his backpack. The incident gained attention after a video of the interaction between the school official and the student went viral. The Gadsden flag, also known as the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, has a vibrant yellow background and was originally created by Ben Franklin in the 17th century as a warning to Great Britain to refrain from interfering with the freedom of the colonies.

Historical Significance

With its historical significance, the Gadsden flag holds a special place in American history. It was prominently used during the American Revolutionary War as a symbol of unity among the colonies in their fight against the British empire. The flag served as a powerful reminder that the colonies were committed to preserving their individual liberties and standing up against government overreach.

Adoption by Political Movements

Over the years, the Gadsden flag has found its way into various political movements, both on the left and right of the political spectrum. Notably, the American Tea Party political movement has adopted the Gadsden flag as its symbol, aligning it with their ideals of limited government and individual liberties. They see the flag as a representation of their commitment to preserving the freedoms laid out in the Constitution.

Controversial Associations

Unfortunately, the Gadsden flag has also been embraced by some far-right individuals, giving rise to concerns about its association with extremist ideologies. Critics argue that the flag has become a symbol of racism and forms of slavery. They believe that its adoption by these groups tarnishes its historical significance and promotes divisive narratives.

Interpretation and Debate

The controversy surrounding the Gadsden flag in Colorado revolves around differing interpretations of its meaning. While some view the flag as a symbol of rebellion against government overreach and a commitment to individual freedoms, others argue that it is associated with racism and forms of slavery. These conflicting interpretations have led to debates and disagreements among individuals and communities.

Protecting Students’ Rights

Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat in Colorado, has taken a stand in defense of students’ rights to express their political viewpoints. He believes that children should be allowed to advocate for their beliefs and that free expression should be encouraged in schools. Polis acknowledges the importance of fostering an environment where students feel comfortable expressing their opinions while also promoting civil discourse and respectful discussions. He urges individuals to refrain from questioning others’ motives prematurely and encourages open dialogue.

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Promoting Understanding

It is essential to recognize that symbols can carry multiple meanings and interpretations. While the Gadsden flag has historical significance and represents different ideals for various individuals and groups, it is crucial to engage in open dialogue to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others. By fostering an environment of respectful discourse, we can work towards a better understanding of complex symbols like the Gadsden flag and bridge divides in society.


The Gadsden flag controversy in Colorado highlights the power of symbols and their ability to evoke strong emotions and differing opinions. While it is essential to respect the historical context and meaning behind symbols like the Gadsden flag, it is equally important to engage in discussions that promote understanding and empathy. Through open dialogue and a commitment to respectful discourse, we can strive for a society that embraces diverse perspectives and fosters unity.

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