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What Happened to Sasha Banks? Who is Sasha Banks? All Know About Her

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The Journey and Speculation Surrounding Sasha Banks in Wrestling

The Journey and Speculation Surrounding Sasha Banks in Wrestling

News: In 2022, the wrestling world was abuzz with news of Sasha Banks’ departure from WWE, citing creative differences. The renowned wrestler caught everyone’s attention again by joining New Japan Pro Wrestling under the alias Mercedes Mone. While fans were initially disappointed by her exit from WWE, they were intrigued by her new journey. However, some expressed reservations about her new theme song in NJPW, feeling it didn’t capture her previous persona’s essence. Moreover, speculation arose about Banks potentially joining Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW), sparking discussions about the challenges of finding a fitting theme song for her in this prospective new endeavor.

Sasha Banks’ Departure from WWE and Transition to NJPW:

Sasha Banks parted ways with WWE due to creative differences, opting to explore fresh opportunities by signing with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The wrestling world was stirred by the announcement, with Banks receiving overwhelming support from her devoted fanbase. Yet, amidst the anticipation, fans noted a discrepancy between her new theme song and her established persona. Despite this minor hiccup, the prospect of Banks’ venture into NJPW sparked excitement and curiosity throughout the wrestling community.

Speculation about Banks’ Potential Return to Wrestling with AEW:

Lately, the wrestling community has been abuzz with discussions and rumors surrounding Sasha Banks’ potential return to the ring, possibly with Tony Khan’s AEW. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate her comeback and speculate about the theme song that will accompany her in this new endeavor. However, choosing an appropriate song presents challenges, including navigating copyright issues and securing permission from original creators.

Challenges in Selecting a Suitable Theme Song:

Reviving Sasha Banks’ WWE theme song, “Sky’s The Limit,” poses potential copyright challenges, given its strong association with WWE. Moreover, reaching out to the original creators, CFO$, may prove difficult as they are under WWE’s ownership. Therefore, alternative options must be explored to avoid any legal complications.

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The Potential Role of Snoop Dogg in Creating a New Theme Song:

Snoop Dogg has a notable history of collaboration with Sasha Banks, highlighted by their memorable performance at WrestleMania 32. Fans warmly received their partnership, sparking speculation that Snoop Dogg could be tapped to craft a new theme song for Banks in AEW. Given their familial connection and past successful collaborations, Snoop Dogg appears to be a fitting choice to produce a song that resonates with Banks’ persona.

Sasha Banks: A Brief Background:

Born Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado on January 26, 1992, Sasha Banks is an exceptionally talented American professional wrestler and actress. Her journey to stardom began in 2010 on the independent circuit, where she captured the Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Championship. In 2012, Banks inked a deal with WWE, igniting her career in their developmental territory, NXT, adopting the ring name Sasha Banks. With remarkable prowess, she clinched the NXT Women’s Championship and smoothly transitioned to the main roster, leaving an indelible mark on the wrestling scene.

During her tenure with WWE, Sasha Banks achieved extraordinary milestones, securing numerous reigns as the Raw Women’s Champion and participating in groundbreaking matches like the inaugural women’s Hell in a Cell and Iron Woman matches. Beyond her wrestling accolades, Banks has diversified into acting, notably portraying the character Koska Reeves in the widely acclaimed Disney+ series “The Mandalorian.” Her multifaceted talents continue to captivate audiences across various platforms.

Sasha Banks’ departure from WWE and her subsequent venture into NJPW, coupled with the speculation surrounding a potential return to wrestling with AEW, have truly captured the attention of fans worldwide. The ongoing discussion regarding her theme song underscores the significant role music plays in wrestling and the thrill that accompanies new developments in the industry. With her undeniable talent, unwavering determination, and magnetic personality, Sasha Banks continues to leave an enduring mark on the world of sports entertainment.


Q: Could Sasha Banks’ theme song in AEW resemble her past tunes from WWE?

A: The likelihood remains uncertain. Finding a fitting theme song for Banks in AEW presents challenges due to copyright considerations and the involvement of original creators.

Q: Who possesses the rights to Sasha Banks’ prior theme songs from WWE?

A: The ownership of Banks’ former theme songs from WWE rests with the company and its contracted music producers, CFO$.

Q: Is there a chance that Snoop Dogg might produce a fresh theme song for Sasha Banks in AEW?

A: Speculation surrounds the possibility of Snoop Dogg collaborating with Banks to craft a new theme song in AEW, given their previous collaborations and familial ties.


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