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What Happened To Salvador Allende? How Old Is Salvador Allende Doctor?

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The Tragic Life and Legacy of Salvador Allende: A Closer Look at the Untold Story

The Tragic Life and Legacy of Salvador Allende

News: Salvador Allende, the former president of Chile, met a tragic demise during the military coup orchestrated by Augusto Pinochet in 1973. This article embarks on an exploration of the life of Salvador Allende, recounting his untimely death, and shedding light on the courageous individuals who bore witness to these momentous events. Additionally, we will delve into the remarkable journey of Danilo Bartulin, a Chilean politician and medical doctor, who played a pivotal role in Salvador Allende’s life and the tumultuous aftermath of the military coup.

Salvador Allende’s Final Moments

During the chaotic hours leading to his demise, Salvador Allende was accompanied by Danilo Bartulin, who stood by his side until the very end. Bartulin bore witness to Allende’s final national address, where the former president displayed unwavering resolve and made the decision to remain in the presidential residence, La Moneda. Tragically, Bartulin also saw Allende’s life come to a tragic end, reportedly by suicide.

Danilo Bartulin: A Witness to History

Born in Chile, Danilo Bartulin embarked on a journey that intertwined his medical career with his association with Salvador Allende. Bartulin obtained a medical degree from the University of Chile, specializing in neurology and psychiatry. As a strong advocate of Allende’s vision, he was appointed as the director of the National Health Service, working tirelessly to implement Allende’s social and health policies. Bartulin also accompanied Allende on important diplomatic missions, including a significant visit to Cuba in 1972.

The Assault on La Moneda and Bartulin’s Ordeal

On the infamous day of September 11, 1973, Bartulin found himself at La Moneda, facing the violent assault carried out by the air force and army under General Augusto Pinochet’s command. Amidst the chaos, he listened to Allende’s poignant final national address, witnessing his steadfast decision to remain in the palace. Tragically, Bartulin also saw Allende’s lifeless body, allegedly having taken his own life with a firearm provided by Fidel Castro.

Enduring Torture and Exile

Surviving the violent assault was just the beginning of Bartulin’s ordeal. He was arrested and subjected to torture by the authorities, enduring confinement in multiple detention facilities, including the infamous National Stadium. Despite his own suffering, Bartulin attempted to aid fellow detainees who were injured or in poor health. Eventually, he was exiled and found refuge in Spain, where he continued to practice medicine as a neurologist and psychiatrist, specializing in brain injury rehabilitation.

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Danilo Bartulin’s Contributions

Throughout his life, Bartulin authored numerous books and essays, drawing from his experiences in Chile and his medical expertise. He actively contributed to documentaries and interviews shedding light on Salvador Allende’s life and legacy. Bartulin also shared a grim ordeal with iconic Chilean singer-songwriter and political activist Victor Jara, as both were apprehended and taken to Estadio Chile, enduring torture and isolation. Jara’s tragic fate serves as a reminder of the brutality of Pinochet’s regime.

The tragic life and untimely death of Salvador Allende continue to be a significant part of Chile’s history. Danilo Bartulin’s unwavering dedication to Allende’s vision and his own personal journey through torture and exile exemplify the resilience and strength of those who stood against the military coup. Their stories serve as a reminder of the importance of democracy, human rights, and the pursuit of justice in the face of adversity. The legacy of Salvador Allende and the courage of individuals like Danilo Bartulin will forever be etched in history.

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