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Warframe: How to Get Familial Debt Bonds?

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Defeating the Profit-Taker Orb and Obtaining Familial Debt-Bonds in Warframe

Defeating the Profit-Taker Orb and Obtaining Familial Debt-Bonds in Warframe

News: In Warframe’s Heists, when you reach Phase 4, you’ll meet the Profit-Taker Orb. This special orb has something important called Familial Debt-Bonds. These bonds are like special money used by the Solaris United group. They show debts from one generation to another and make Solaris folks proud. These bonds are needed for doing business with the Solaris United faction.

Acquiring Familial Debt-Bonds

To get Familial Debt-Bonds, players can join Bounties in Orb Vallis during Warframe gameplay. By completing these Bounties, there’s a chance to get Debt-Bonds as rewards, like a common prize. Each bounty lists the specific kinds and places of Debt-Bonds you can earn, making it an exciting part of the game.

Another way to get Familial Debt-Bonds is through Ticker, a vendor in Solaris United. Ticker sells Solaris debts that players can buy using in-game credits and a bunch of Starchart Resources. Sometimes, Ticker even takes regular local resources from Orb Vallis, making the things you can exchange more diverse.

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The Value of Familial Debt-Bonds

When you beat the Profit-Taker Orb in Phase 4 of Heists, you’re sure to get some rewards. Specifically, three Medical, two Advances, and one Familial Debt-Bond are guaranteed to drop. These Debt-Bonds are super important in Solaris United and are used for different transactions.

Familial Debt-Bonds are key for moving up in rank and gaining respect with Solaris United. By giving up these Debt-Bonds, players can improve their standing with the faction. This, in turn, helps unlock more cool rewards and benefits. It’s like leveling up by making these sacrifices!

Trading and Enhancing with Familial Debt-Bonds

Familial Debt-Bonds in Warframe are like special coins that you can use for a lot of cool things. You can trade them with Ticker to get different items, even fancy decorations for your Orbiter. And here’s the cool part – when you trade in these bonds, you earn Solaris United Standing, which helps you move up in your relationship with the faction.

These bonds are also part of making your Kitguns from Rude Zuud even better. By using Familial Debt-Bonds like a kind of money, you can gild your Kitguns, making them more unique and powerful in the game.

Familial Debt-Bonds are super useful in Warframe. You can get them from Bounties, buy them from Ticker, or even get them as a reward for defeating the Profit-Taker Orb in Heists. They help you level up with Solaris United, trade for cool stuff, and upgrade your Kitguns. So, spend some time getting these bonds, and make your Warframe adventure even more awesome!


Q: How do I get Familial Debt-Bonds in Warframe?

A: You can get Familial Debt-Bonds by doing Bounties in Orb Vallis or buying them from Ticker, who’s a seller in Solaris United.

Q: Why are Familial Debt-Bonds important in Solaris United?

A: Familial Debt-Bonds are crucial for ranking up and earning standing with Solaris United, unlocking rewards and perks from the faction.

Q: How do I use Familial Debt-Bonds?

A: You can trade Familial Debt-Bonds with Ticker to get different items, like decorations for your Orbiter, and use them in the gilding process of Kitguns from Rude Zuud.

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