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usmle Exam

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In case you are planning to settle down in United States after your Medical study in India, you need to pass USMLE test to get the license to practice in the States. As the name suggests, United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) will equip you with a competent license to pursue medical practice in the United States. USMLE examination is conducted in three steps. USMLE is supported financially by Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

USMLE exam basically divided into three steps and all these are interconnected to each other and no step can be analyzed separately. This test will give an idea about person’s patient centric behavior and also how he is able to apply his knowledge in practicality. In United States individual licensing bodies provides license to practice Medicines and each of them have their different set of rules and regulations, which one have to pass through to get the approved license.

If you are planning to prepare for USMLE exam, you are advised to keep track on all the updates and required information. will assist you by providing trusted and detailed information on each step with latest and most aware updates.

The Three Steps of USMLE:
Step: 1
First step in USMLE screening checks your foundation or basic knowledge and expertise of implying scientific theory on patients. Mainly it is about patient care and approach towards disease.
Step: 2
The second step for USMLE is divided into two parts one is CK (Clinical Knowledge) and the other is CS (Clinical Skills).
• CK (Clinical Knowledge)
This screening process will examine your ability of applying clinical knowledge and understanding in disease provisions on a patient. This step will also take care that while supervising patient your attention is not diverted from theory and standards of clinical science.
• CS (Clinical Skills)
This step will mainly consist of your ability of attending patient with proper clinical knowledge, which is followed by disease deterrence and health support of a patient. This step also analyze your ability of examining patients, collecting proper information about patient’s health and disease and communicating the same to patients as well.
Step: 3
As one of the essential elements of patient care, understanding of biomedical and clinical science is of enough importance. This is the final step of USMLE test is to confirm that the candidate is capable enough to handle and treat patient individually with authenticate diagnosis and required supervision and patient care.
Test schedules:
USMLE is conducted internationally with a flexible test schedule. You have to obtain test schedule permit by registering Online and then you can schedule your test on any particular date.
Practicing Medicines is one of the most crucial jobs as patients life is involved here and that is the reason such examinations are taken with lot of criticalities.

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