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Tower of Fantasy Aida Time

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Tower of Fantasy Aida Time: Unveiling the In-Game Clock

Tower of Fantasy Aida Time

News: Tower of Fantasy, an exciting shared open-world MMORPG with an anime-infused sci-fi adventure, has been making waves in the gaming community. Developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, Tower of Fantasy is available for both PC and mobile devices running on Android and iOS platforms.

What is Tower of Fantasy Aida Time?

In the world of Tower of Fantasy, time is known as Aida Time, signifying the in-game temporal experience for players as they immerse themselves in this enthralling universe. Diverging from conventional MMORPGs, Tower of Fantasy boasts a distinctive system that mimics the flow of time, introducing an additional dimension of realism to the gameplay.

How to Check Tower of Fantasy Aida Time

Verifying the Aida Time within Tower of Fantasy is a straightforward procedure. As you engage in the game, you’ll notice a “weather” indicator positioned in the upper left corner of your screen, adjacent to the minimap. This symbol can portray different weather states, including the moon, sunset, sunrise, or sun. To ascertain the Aida Time, simply tap on this icon, prompting a time display to emerge, revealing the present in-game time in Tower of Fantasy.

Understanding the Passage of Time in Tower of Fantasy

Within the realm of Tower of Fantasy, the intricacies of time are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay mechanics. A day within the game aligns with 40 minutes of real-world time. Consequently, to partake in half a day’s worth of in-game activities (equivalent to 12 hours), you’ll need to patiently await 20 minutes in the real world. Likewise, a mere ten minutes in the real world will usher in six hours of in-game time.

Can You Change Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy?

Regrettably, Tower of Fantasy doesn’t provide players with the option to modify the Aida Time. Given its nature as a real-time MMO game that unites players worldwide, the manipulation of time is restricted. Nonetheless, the game’s time system is purposefully tailored to cater to players’ requirements, with each 40-minute interval constituting a complete in-game day. Hence, if you have specific objectives to achieve at a particular time, the wait won’t be overly prolonged.

In Tower of Fantasy, the in-game time is harmonized with the game’s servers to maintain uniformity among all players. To access the Aida Time, you can effortlessly do so by choosing the sun icon positioned adjacent to the minimap, as it signifies the current in-game time.

Tower of Fantasy captivates players not solely through its engrossing gameplay and enthralling narratives but also through its meticulous attention to detail, exemplified by the Aida Time system. This in-game timekeeping feature injects an essence of realism and strategic depth, necessitating players to judiciously allocate their time to advance in the game. Even though the Aida Time is immutable, it is thoughtfully structured to cater to players’ requirements, guaranteeing an immersive and dynamic gaming adventure.

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Q: How do I check the in-game time in Tower of Fantasy?

A: To check the in-game time, tap on the weather indicator symbol located in the upper left corner of the screen, next to the minimap.

Q: Can I change the Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy?

A: No, the Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy cannot be changed as it is synchronized with the game’s servers for consistency among players.

Q: How long does a day in Tower of Fantasy last in real time?

A: Each day in Tower of Fantasy corresponds to 40 minutes in real life.

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