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Tiktokers Convinced The Roman Empire’s Viral Trend Started On Suits

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Debate Over the Origins of the Viral Roman Empire Trend on TikTok

Debate Over the Origins of the Viral Roman Empire Trend on TikTok

TikTokers Trace the Roman Empire Trend To TV Show

News: TikTok users have found themselves embroiled in a debate over the origins of a trending topic known as the ‘Roman Empire trend.’ This debate has arisen from a growing belief among TikTokers that this viral trend actually originated from an episode of the popular television show ‘Suits’ dating back a decade. This unexpected revelation has sparked speculation among internet users about the true source of this trend.

Impact of the Trend and Its Relevance

In recent days, the Roman Empire trend has been rampant on the internet, largely involving women inquiring their male partners about their thoughts on the Roman Empire. Some of the reactions have attracted greater notice than others, particularly those where an individual confesses to frequently contemplating the Roman Empire and their potential role in its history.

Despite the trend just recently gaining popularity, a few TikTok users have managed to track its inception back to a specific ‘Suits’ episode that aired in 2012. In the said episode, characters Mike and Rachel, portrayed by Meghan Markle, engage in a discussion about the Roman Empire. In response to a question about what he is listening to, Mike humorously replies, “Audiobook. Fall of the Roman Empire.”

User Reactions and Counter-Arguments

The discovery has led some TikTokers to conclude that ‘Suits’ is the origin of this recent trend. TikTok user debodell ignited a flurry of reactions when they posted a video on September 17, highlighting this reference from the show. However, not everyone is convinced by this theory. Some observers have expressed skepticism about the depth of historical knowledge among the American audience. This skeptical perspective adds another layer to the ongoing debate about the true origins of the Roman Empire trend.

A Resurgence of ‘Suits’ and the Trend’s Timing

The resurgence of ‘Suits’ in popularity, particularly with its availability on Netflix, appears to offer a plausible explanation for why its connection to this trend is being discovered at this moment. The timeline of the show’s revival and the surge of the trend indeed exhibit a noticeable synchronicity.

Continued Popularity of the Roman Empire Trend

The trend first gained prominence when author Sam Slupski mentioned it and posed a question about it to their spouse. Since then, the trend has been steadily growing in popularity and shows no signs of significant decline.

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Concluding Thoughts

In summary, TikTokers are convinced that the viral Roman Empire trend originated from an episode of ‘Suits.’ This revelation has sparked a passionate debate among internet users, with some questioning the level of historical knowledge among Americans. The connection between the viral trend and the show seems plausible, considering the show’s resurgence in popularity and the timing of the trend’s emergence. Regardless of its true origin, the Roman Empire trend continues to captivate and engage online users.


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