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Tarik Kada Net Worth: Career, Family, Age, Income, Wiki, Bio, All You Need to Know

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Tarik Kada Net Worth: Career, Family, Age, Income, Wiki, Bio, All You Need to Know

Tarik Kada: A Rising Star in Dutch Football

News: Tarik Kada, a skilled footballer of Dutch-Moroccan origin, has been garnering attention in the football sphere due to his remarkable abilities and unwavering determination. His birthdate is May 26, 1996, and he has attained notable success in his career, signaling a bright and promising future.

Early Career and Achievements

At 27 years old, Tarik Kada boasts a net worth estimated at $4 million as of 2023, a culmination of his success as a professional footballer both in the Netherlands and internationally. His trajectory commenced in 2015 with SC Heerenveen, marking the initiation of his professional journey. Despite his youth, Kada’s exceptional talent garnered attention, prompting loan spells at FC Eindhoven and Heracles Almelo. These experiences provided him with invaluable exposure to diverse playing styles, contributing to his overall growth in the sport.

International Ventures

In 2019, Kada embarked on a fresh journey by joining RoPS in Finland’s Veikkausliiga. Swiftly acclimating to the new setting, he emerged as a pivotal player for the team, significantly contributing to their achievements. This venture into international football opened doors to additional challenges, leading Kada to sign with Bisha FC in Saudi Arabia in 2020. Following his stint in Saudi Arabia, he made a transition to Al-Hidd SCC in Bahrain in 2023, where he presently demonstrates his prowess on the wings in the Bahrain Premier League.

Playing Style

Tarik Kada’s on-field approach is distinguished by his outstanding speed, agility, and technical prowess. Renowned for his exceptional dribbling skills, he frequently employs rapid bursts of speed to outmaneuver defenders, crafting scoring opportunities in the process. Kada’s notable accuracy in crossing adds a significant dimension to his game, making him a valuable contributor by delivering threatening passes into the box for his teammates. Although primarily operating as a winger, Kada has showcased his versatility by seamlessly transitioning into the role of a second striker when the situation demands.

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Physical Profile

With a stature of 170 centimeters and a weight of 61 kilograms (134 lbs), Kada maintains a well-proportioned and healthy physical profile. His moderate height enhances his agility and effectiveness on the field, complemented by an optimal weight that aligns with healthy body mass index (BMI) standards. This commitment to sustaining his physique underscores Kada’s dedication to overall well-being and his aspiration to consistently deliver peak performance.

Future Prospects

Tarik Kada’s professional journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of growth and global exploration. Starting from his formative years at SC Heerenveen to his loan spells and forays into international football, Kada has consistently demonstrated an eagerness to immerse himself in diverse cultures and adapt to various playing styles. His unwavering technical proficiency and precise crossing abilities have remained constant, consistently creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Looking forward, Tarik Kada’s versatility, adaptability, and extensive international experience position him as a well-rounded player with a bright future. With his exceptional skills and unwavering determination, it is undeniable that Kada will continue to carve a significant presence in the football world. Keep a close watch on this emerging star as he continues to thrive and scale new heights in his career.


Q: How much is Tarik Kada’s net worth?

A: As of 2023, Tarik Kada’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Q: What defines Tarik Kada’s style of play?

A: Tarik Kada distinguishes himself through his impressive speed, agility, and technical prowess on the field. His standout abilities in dribbling and precise crossing contribute significantly to his effectiveness as a valuable asset for his teammates.

Q: In which international football clubs has Tarik Kada showcased his skills?

A: Tarik Kada has showcased his football skills at various international clubs, including RoPS in Finland’s Veikkausliiga, Bisha FC in Saudi Arabia, and he currently plays for Al-Hidd SCC in Bahrain’s Premier League.

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