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Stefflon Don’s Brother Dutchavelli In Grooming Controversy

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Stefflon Don’s Brother Dutchavelli: Controversy and Allegations

Stefflon Don's Brother Dutchavelli: Controversy and Allegations

News: Stefflon Don, the renowned British rapper and vocalist with Jamaican roots, is currently in the spotlight. However, it’s not due to her musical prowess or association with Nigerian star Burna Boy. The attention has shifted to her brother, Dutchavelli, a fellow rapper, who is embroiled in recent controversial allegations.

The Allegations against Dutchavelli

The allegations against Dutchavelli, whose real name is Stephan Allen, surfaced in November 2020 when screenshots of his conversations with a 14-year-old girl were leaked online. These exchanges revealed him asking about her age, complimenting her appearance, and even inviting her to stay in his hotel room. Despite the girl informing him of her age, Dutchavelli continued to message her, going so far as to leave her a voicemail.

Dutchavelli’s Denial and Defense

Dutchavelli refuted the allegations, stating that his Instagram account had been compromised. He contended that the girl misrepresented her age, claiming she was 17 and not 14. He maintained that his communication with her stemmed solely from her being a fan of his music and emphasized they had never met face-to-face. Dutchavelli also highlighted the need for police involvement, especially since the girl’s address had been exposed online. Additionally, he dismissed rumors circulating on social media that he had financially compensated the girl’s family.

Reactions and Consequences

Following the allegations, social media users heavily criticized Dutchavelli, branding him as a “predator” and “paedophile.” Several of his fellow artists, such as Stormzy and Tion Wayne, publicly distanced themselves by unfollowing him on Instagram. Additionally, specific Spotify and YouTube playlists opted to exclude Dutchavelli’s music from their selections in response to the controversy.

Stefflon Don’s Silence and Criticism

While Stefflon Don, born Stephanie Allen, has chosen not to comment on her brother’s predicament, she has encountered backlash for not publicly addressing or distancing herself from the situation. Beyond the scrutiny tied to her brother, Stefflon Don stirred additional controversy in 2024 due to a song release perceived by some listeners as featuring insensitive and contentious lyrics.

The Controversial Song “Dat A Dat”

In her revised track “Dat A Dat,” Stefflon Don alluded to a woman named “Twinki,” suggesting a possible link between Jada Kingdom, a Jamaican artist, and her ex-partner Burna Boy. This reference ignited intense discussions within the rap community, prompting speculation about Stefflon Don’s motivations behind incorporating such lyrics.

Backlash and Potential Career Impact

It’s crucial to highlight that these allegations and controversies have resulted in substantial backlash for both Dutchavelli and Stefflon Don. Their behaviors and public personas have faced intense scrutiny, resulting in strained relationships with fellow artists and potential adverse effects on their professional trajectories.

In summary, Dutchavelli, Stefflon Don’s brother, confronted allegations of misconduct involving a 14-year-old girl. Despite Dutchavelli’s denial and assertion of an Instagram hack, the online community and peers branded him as a predator. Meanwhile, Stefflon Don has encountered scrutiny for her silence on the matter and the contentious lyrics within one of her songs. These controversies have led to considerable criticism and could potentially have enduring repercussions on the careers of both artists.


Q: What claims were made against Dutchavelli?

A: Dutchavelli faced accusations of misconduct involving a 14-year-old girl.

Q: What was Dutchavelli’s reaction to the accusations?

A: Dutchavelli refuted the claims, stating that his Instagram account was compromised and asserting that the girl misrepresented her age.

Q: What repercussions did Dutchavelli encounter?

A: Dutchavelli experienced backlash on social media platforms, a decline in support from other musicians, and exclusion of his songs from specific playlists.

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