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Starfield Revelation Quest Walkthrough: Guide, Objectives, Rewards & More

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Starfield Revelation Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay and More

Starfield Revelation Quest Walkthrough: Guide, Objectives, Rewards & More

Starfield Revelation Guide

To complete the Revelation mission successfully, follow these steps:

1. Travel to Masada III.
2. Contact Scorpius or Helix.
3. Battle the Starborn ships.
4. Touch down at the Buried Temple.
5. Communicate with the Emissary or the Hunter.
6. Overcome Guardian Musa.
7. Continue the quest for the artifact.
8. Confront Guardian Athaliah.
9. Discover a method to unlock the door.
10. Enter and exit the anomaly.
11. Defeat Guardian Teutra and Rinn.
12. (Optional) Deactivate the defenses.
13. Find a means to unlock the door.
14. Enter the anomaly.
15. Locate an exit from the anomaly.
16. Enter a different anomaly.
17. Depart the anomaly.
18. Defeat Guardian Fionn.
19. Consult with the Emissary or the Hunter.
20. Secure the artifacts.

Starfield Revelation Walkthrough

The Revelation mission within Starfield marks a pivotal moment in the game, demanding players to make critical decisions and execute precise actions. This guide serves as your compass, leading you through each step of this crucial mission, enabling you to conquer challenges and combat encounters effectively.

Commencing the Journey:

– Start the Revelation mission once previous missions are completed and all Artifacts are collected.

– Objective: Head towards Masada III and ensure your fuel reserves are adequate for the journey.

Confronting Starborn Ships:

– Prior to descending to the surface, confront and defeat the Starborn ships.

– Tips for Success: Maintain constant movement, stock up on Ship Parts, and prioritize eliminating the Hunter or Emissary initially.

Outer Temple Exploration – Part I:

– Touch down at the Buried Temple.

– Explore the vicinity for valuable loot, but exercise caution due to the freezing atmosphere potentially causing Frostbit status.

Outer Temple Exploration – Part II:

– Overcome six Starborn adversaries near the expansive bridge.

– Strategy: Employ potent close-range weaponry, activate the Reactive Shield, and sustain continuous mobility.

Buried Temple Exploration – Part I (Outer Ecliptic Base):

– Engage and defeat Ecliptic Soldiers and Starborn within the outer base.

– Focus on vanquishing Guardian Athaliah to advance.

Buried Temple Exploration – Part II (Inner Ecliptic Base):

– Enter the Anomaly and navigate through encounters with Ecliptic and Starborn entities.

– Implement tactics and strategies acquired from prior battles.

Buried Temple Exploration – Part III (Final Chamber):

– Participate in an anomaly event and confront Guardian Fionn.

– Prepare for the ultimate showdown against the Emissary and the Hunter.

Inner Chamber Confrontation – Overcoming Starborn Leaders:

– Confront either the Hunter or the Emissary, or both, with overwhelming force.

– Recommended Strategy: Utilize the Micro Gun paired with Frost Wolf or Squall for optimal damage output.

– Gather artifacts and weapons from the fallen Starborn after defeating them.

– Retrieve the ultimate artifact and reawaken aboard your ship.

– Reward: Earn 5000 XP.

The Revelation mission in Starfield stands as a formidable yet fulfilling challenge, highlighting the significance of combat skill and tactical choices. Utilize this guide for a successful and gratifying culmination of this thrilling chapter in the game.


Q: How do I complete the Revelation mission in Starfield?

A: To complete the Revelation mission, follow the objectives outlined in the Starfield Revelation Guide and use the strategies provided in the Starfield Revelation Walkthrough.

Q: What weapons are recommended for defeating the Starborn leaders in the Inner Chamber?

A: The Micro Gun with Frost Wolf or Squall is recommended for effective damage against the Hunter or the Emissary in the Inner Chamber.

Q: What is the reward for completing the Revelation mission?

A: The reward for completing the Revelation mission is 5000 XP.


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