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Starfield Casino location, How to access the vault, and jackpot location

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Uncovering the Secrets of Starfield Casino in Starfield Game

Uncovering the Secrets of Starfield Casino in Starfield Game

News: Captivating gamers around the globe, Starfield Casino is a notable feature within the Starfield game. In this edition, we’ll lead you through discovering the casino’s location, the steps to access the vault, and pinpointing the elusive jackpot spot. 

Discovering the Starfield Casino

At the onset, speaking about the positioning of Starfield Casino, it is nestled within the Olympus System. This system is traced towards the eastern part of Alpha Centauri. After reaching the system, the player must anchor the ship at the space station, which paves the way to the casino.

Unlocking the Vault

Moving forth to the next segment, we’ll focus on unearthing the vault. The prerequisite to reveal the casino vault involves reaching the manager’s office. Post-setting foot in the casino, the player should trail the route leading to the bar section. For first-time casino visitors, they may cross paths with adversaries known as Spacers. It’s advisable to gear up with a potent weapon and have your boost pack at your disposal.

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Finding the Vault

From the bar space, the player should veer left and head in the direction of the vault. Upon reaching the vault, ascend to the second level and take a turn. Straight ahead, slightly to the right, lies a compact room, which houses the manager’s office. Go into the office and access the computer terminal. From the manager’s computer, choose the Jackpot Combination file. The combination for unlocking the safety box reads as 12, 19, 36, 5.

Navigating to the Jackpot

Equipped with the jackpot combination, the player should return to the vault. A small vent to the lower right of the vault door will catch your eyes. Tracking this vent will direct you to the Jackpot Backend Terminal. Punch the code retrieved from the manager’s office on this terminal, giving you access to the jackpot reward of 3,700 Credits. Additionally, revisiting the manager’s office will help discover the Nova Galactic Manual lying beside the terminal.

In conclusion, find the Starfield Casino located within the Olympus System, situated to the east of Alpha Centauri. To access the vault and seize the jackpot, your objective is to reach the manager’s office and obtain the jackpot combination. Inputting this combination will swing open the vault door, granting you access to claim your well-deserved winnings. Here’s to an incredible journey in Starfield!

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