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Squirrel Beastmaster Last Epoch Build Guide

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 @ 8:41 PM

Last Epoch Squirrel Build: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Epoch Squirrel Build

News: Prepare yourself to reign supreme on the battlefield with the formidable Last Epoch Squirrel Build. In this adrenaline-fueled RPG adventure, you’ll harness the might of summoning mighty squirrels to vanquish foes and ascend to invincibility. Armed with devastating abilities and tactical maneuvers, the Last Epoch Squirrel Build stands as an indomitable force, poised to conquer all who dare to oppose it.

Game Overview

Developed by Eleventh Hour Games (EHG), Last Epoch is an exciting hack and slash action role-playing game that has been in development since April 2018. The game initially released a free playable demo as part of its Kickstarter drive, allowing players to get a taste of its mechanics and features. In April 2019, Last Epoch entered its beta phase and became available through Steam Early Access, providing players with a deeper dive into the game’s world and an opportunity to provide feedback to the developers.

The Last Epoch Squirrel Build

The Last Epoch Squirrel Build revolves around the Squirrel Beastmaster and offers a unique and fearsome playstyle. This build harnesses the power of rage-infused squirrels, turning them into a formidable force. With the Herald of the Scurry, the Beastmaster can convert Summon Wolves into Summon Squirrels, effectively doubling their numbers. While not essential, this unique helmet is highly recommended for optimal performance.

Battle Tactics

In battle, the Beastmaster charges forward, his own ferocity infusing his loyal companions. Leading the pack with strength and power, he unleashes their fury upon their enemies. To maximize their potential, the Last Epoch Squirrel Build utilizes Fury Leap, allowing the Beastmaster and his squirrels to leap into the heart of the battle. As they engage with their foes, the Spirit Wolves summoned by the Beastmaster attack with Swipe, dealing devastating damage.

Enhancing Abilities

In its quest for unrivaled power, the Squirrel Build integrates the Summon Frenzy Totem, a crucial addition that not only bolsters the assault but also bestows potent enhancements upon the Beastmaster and their allies. Furthermore, the utilization of Warcry amplifies the Beastmaster’s and their companions’ might with supplementary formidable buffs, solidifying their dominance on the battlefield.

Essential Items

While the Herald of the Scurry is a crucial component, there are other unique items that greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Last Epoch Squirrel Build. The Fang, Julra’s Obsession, Ribbons of Blood, and Bastion of Honour all synergize well with the build, providing additional bonuses and amplifying its ferocity.

Skill Combination

To fully unlock the prowess of the summoned squirrels, the Last Epoch Squirrel Build employs a synergistic blend of skills. Primarily, the Summon Squirrel skill, originating from the Summon Wolf tree, serves as a cornerstone, while investing in the Pack Hunters node amplifies the size of the pack or scurry. Augmenting damage output is paramount, achieved through the utilization of Savage Hunters, Legendary Bite, and Howl of Might, which offer indispensable damage multipliers. In cases where The Fang unique item is unavailable, allocating a point in Safety In Numbers becomes imperative for optimal performance.

The Importance of Swipe

Swipe plays a vital role in this build as it triggers the Spirit Wolves from both wolves and squirrels. With the Wild Calling node, the AoE of Swipe can be maximized by equipping Wengarian Reach and taking advantage of the increased attack speed provided by Feline Hunter. Culling is another important node to ensure kills and activate The Circle of Life passive.

Effective Buffs

Summon Frenzy Totem grants powerful buffs while active and synergizes exceptionally well with Summon Wolf thanks to Bestial Frenzy and Lead The Pack nodes. To cast Howl or Sciurine Rage more frequently, Furious Cry can be utilized.

Utilizing Warcry

Warcry is crucial in gaining the Berserker buff, increasing attack speed, and subsequently triggering more Spirit Wolves with Swipe. Jormun’s Wrath is a valuable skill to freeze intimidating enemies, allowing the wolves or squirrels to benefit from Frigid Breath and deal more damage. It also provides a 1-second immunity thanks to the Juggernaut node.

Fury Leap for Mobility

Fury Leap serves as an excellent movement ability with utility and valuable minion synergies. The Warrior’s Entrance node provides a powerful offensive buff, while Pack Leader enables wolves or squirrels to jump alongside the player. Regain Stamina can be reliably triggered thanks to Swipe’s Culling node

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Early Access and Future Updates

The impending release of Last Epoch on February 21st, 2024, signifies a significant milestone eagerly anticipated by both developers and the gaming community. As the game currently resides in Early Access, players are afforded the unique opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Last Epoch and contribute invaluable feedback to the development team. This Early Access phase serves as a platform for the developers to meticulously address bugs, fine-tune balancing issues, and incorporate new features based on player input.

The iterative nature of this developmental process, coupled with active community engagement, plays a pivotal role in shaping the final iteration of Last Epoch. It facilitates the refinement of gameplay mechanics, the enhancement of visual and auditory elements, and the optimization of overall stability and performance. By fostering a collaborative relationship with the player base, the development team can glean insightful perspectives and make well-informed decisions, thereby crafting an unparalleled gaming experience.

The Last Epoch Squirrel Build introduces a distinctive and potent playstyle within the Last Epoch RPG universe. Empowering players with the ability to summon and command squirrels, it enables the unleashing of devastating skills to assert dominance on the battlefield. Through strategic utilization of abilities such as Fury Leap, Swipe, Summon Frenzy Totem, and Warcry, the Beastmaster and their squirrel companions emerge as an indomitable force. As Last Epoch continues to evolve through iterative updates and player-driven enhancements, it holds the promise of delivering an immersive and exhilarating gaming journey for enthusiasts of the genre.


Q: How do I acquire the Herald of the Scurry in Last Epoch?

A: You can obtain the Herald of the Scurry through in-game drops or by trading with other players.

Q: What alternative effective builds are available in Last Epoch?

A: Last Epoch provides numerous viable build options, each offering distinct playstyles and mechanics to explore.

Q: Is cooperative play possible in Last Epoch?

A: Yes, Last Epoch supports multiplayer functionality, enabling you to join forces with friends and tackle the game together, enhancing the cooperative gaming experience.

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