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Solving the Cave of Wonders Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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How to Solve the Cave of Wonders Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Solve the Cave of Wonders Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley? A Step-by-Step Guide

“Diamond in the Rough” Quest Overview

News: In order to initiate the quest, ensure you possess both sections of the Scarab beetle in your inventory. Once acquired, Gaston will guide you through a series of tasks culminating in the journey to the Cave of Wonders.

Entering the Cave

Upon finishing Gaston’s tasks, he’ll grant you access to the Cave, allowing you to venture inside alone. Utilize the Scarab beetle to unlock the entrance and take your first step into the depths within.

Puzzle-solving for the Cave of Wonders

1. Accessing the Cave

Chase the path of the golden beetle summoned by Gaston until it halts. Engage with it to activate the opening of the Cave of Wonders entrance.

2. Power Coil Puzzle

Upon entering the Cave, you’ll encounter Jafar, who will offer guidance on solving puzzles. Scan the surroundings and find a Power Coil positioned to the left. To bring the Power Coil to life, your task is to locate and eliminate the scattered Splinters of Fate within the Cave. Furthermore, prepare restorative recipes to ensure your health is replenished along the way.

After eliminating the Splinters of Fate and rejuvenating your health, affix the Power Coil into an available slot on the wall. Pay attention: there’s a beam of light illuminating the left side of the door, while the right side remains untouched. To resolve this, seek out a switch positioned on the right side of the room and activate it. This action will redirect a second beam of light, ultimately unlocking the door.

3. Charging the Power Coil

Advance into the subsequent main chamber and direct yourself towards the right side. There, you’ll encounter a circuit board housing a Power Coil positioned at its center.

The Power Coil currently lacks charge, necessitating the completion of a circuit by illuminating all the lines that lead to the coil. The circuit board features buttons marked as “Bottom Left,” “Top Left,” “Top Center,” “Top Right,” and “Bottom Right” for this purpose.

Consult the provided chart or guide to ascertain the precise sequence in which you should press the buttons. Follow the correct order to activate each one, turning all the lines blue in the process. After successfully illuminating all the lines, retrieve the now charged Power Coil and make your way back to the main room.

4. Mirror Puzzle

Let’s tackle the mirror puzzle. Head through the left opening from the main room, ensure you’ve cleared any remaining Splinters of Fate, and seek out a mirror resting on the ground within this area.

Engage with the two switches positioned in this vicinity, then retrieve the mirror. Head back to the main room and position the mirror on the wall at the endpoint of the light beam (where the reflective surface matches).

Before proceeding, if not already done, insert the Power Coil into the vacant slot on the wall. Then, activate the switch to unlock the subsequent door and progress further.

5. Obtaining the Jewel of Time

As you progress through the door, you will navigate through the Cave without encountering any further puzzles. Keep going until you reach the Jewel of Time, which signifies the completion of the quest.

Once you have the Jewel of Time, return to Gaston to announce your success. Engage in a conversation where you’ll earn the Coconut LeFou, and Gaston will decide to stay.

Congratulations! You have successfully solved the Cave of Wonders puzzle and completed the “Diamond in the Rough” Quest. This unlocks new content introduced in the Rift In Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To conquer the challenges within Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Cave of Wonders can be quite the feat. Yet, armed with this detailed walkthrough, you’ll adeptly navigate the puzzles, seamlessly advancing through the quest. Best of luck, and may your journey through this new game content be filled with excitement and discovery! Enjoy the adventure!


How can I initiate the “Diamond in the Rough” quest?

To start the quest, ensure you possess both parts of the Scarab beetle in your inventory.

How can I power up the Power Coil?

To charge the Power Coil, you must create a circuit by pressing certain buttons on the circuit board in the right sequence.

What are the next steps after obtaining the Jewel of Time?

After acquiring the Jewel of Time, head back to Gaston to report your success and claim your rewards.

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