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Smudge Stick Phasmophobia : How to use Phasmophobia smudge sticks?

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Smudge Stick Phasmophobia: A Guide on How to Use Smudge Sticks in the Game

Smudge Stick Phasmophobia

News: Phasmophobia, a widely acclaimed horror game, immerses players in the adrenaline-pumping world of ghost hunting. Within this eerie realm, players confront perilous encounters with malicious spirits, employing an array of survival tools. Among these indispensable items, the Smudge Stick stands out. In the forthcoming article, we will delve into the significance of Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia and offer insights into their effective utilization.

Activating Smudge Sticks

When players obtain the Smudge Sticks, they can activate them using one of two methods. If they possess a lighter, they can activate the protective effects by holding the Smudge Sticks and pressing the activation key (default key: F), which triggers a 6-second burn. Alternatively, players can interact with the Smudge Sticks while holding a lit candle or lighter.

Acquiring Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia

To obtain Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia, players can navigate to the in-game Item Store menu accessible from the main game menu. These crucial items can be acquired for a modest price of $15 in in-game currency.

Using Smudge Sticks Strategically

It’s crucial to be mindful that Smudge Sticks burn rapidly, necessitating careful usage by players. These items represent a strategic decision that significantly improves a player’s likelihood of surviving in Phasmophobia. The mystical energy emanating from Smudge Sticks establishes a protective shield, effectively preventing any ghost within a 6-meter radius from transitioning into its hunting phase for an extended duration. This invaluable respite from the ghost’s aggression affords players the opportunity to regroup, collect evidence, and devise their subsequent steps with a degree of safety.

The Importance of Smudge Sticks

In Phasmophobia, Smudge Sticks serve as a crucial tool with the main objective of preventing ghosts from entering their hunting phase for a duration of 90 seconds, provided that the ghost is within a 6-meter radius. This temporary shield offers players a substantial advantage, enabling them to collect vital evidence without the looming threat of ghostly attacks. Furthermore, if a ghost has already commenced its hunting phase and senses the presence of burning Smudge Sticks, it experiences temporary incapacitation, granting players a valuable 5-second opportunity to make a hasty escape.

Lighting Smudge Sticks

To ignite a Smudge Stick, players need to have a lighter in their inventory. By equipping the Smudge Stick and pressing the “Use” key (usually set to ‘F’ by default), they can light the Smudge Stick using the flame from the lighter. This straightforward action triggers the Smudge Stick’s protective abilities, granting players a temporary shield against ghostly assaults.

In Phasmophobia, Smudge Sticks play a pivotal role, greatly improving a player’s odds of surviving encounters with the paranormal. These mystical items establish a protective shield, temporarily thwarting ghosts from entering their hunting phase. By adeptly employing Smudge Sticks, players gain the ability to collect evidence, strategize effectively, and ultimately triumph over the malevolent entities that populate the game.

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1. What does the term “Phasmophobia” refer to?

Phasmophobia is a paranormal horror game developed by Kinetic Games, centered around ghost hunting.

2. What role do Smudge Sticks play in Phasmophobia?

Smudge Sticks are crucial for survival as they temporarily halt a ghost’s hunting phase, providing safety for players.

3. What is the method for acquiring Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia?

You can buy Smudge Sticks for $15 in-game currency from the Item Store menu in the main game menu.

4. Is it possible to use Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia without a lighter or candle?

No, you need either a lighter or a lit candle in your inventory to activate Smudge Sticks.

5. What impact does the use of Smudge Sticks have on ghosts in Phasmophobia?

When lit, Smudge Sticks prevent a ghost from hunting for 90 seconds within a 6-meter radius, or 180 seconds for a Spirit.

6. What are the steps for using Smudge Sticks with a lighter in Phasmophobia?

With a lighter in your inventory, hold the Smudge Sticks and activate them (default key: F) to start their 6-second burn.

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