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Skull and Bones: How to Complete the Ashen Corsair Investigation?

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Skull and Bones: How to Complete the Ashen Corsair Investigation?

Embark on an exciting pirate's journey in the highly anticipated video game Skull and Bones

News: Experience the excitement of the game’s captivating mission, “The Ashen Corsair,” where players embark on a daring raid in Guerande, search for a hidden message in a bottle, and confront The Ashen Corsair in epic battles to claim valuable silver treasures.

“The Ashen Corsair” – A Captivating Tale of Pirates and Silver Obsession

“The Ashen Corsair” is an intriguing tale set within the world of “Skull and Bones”. It revolves around a pirate ship led by a captain who is obsessed with acquiring silver. In this captivating story, the captain makes the audacious decision to sacrifice essential supplies like food and wine in order to accumulate more of the coveted silver treasure. The crew, enticed by the promise of wealth, follows their captain’s single-minded pursuit. As the narrative unfolds, the allure of silver becomes a powerful driving force, dictating the captain’s decisions and shaping the actions of the crew on the vast open seas. “The Ashen Corsair” offers players a glimpse into the thrilling world of pirates, exploring themes of greed and ambition as they embark on a perilous journey in search of fortune beneath the shimmering ocean waves.

Steps to Complete the Ashen Corsair Investigation

To successfully complete the Ashen Corsair investigation in “Skull and Bones”, players must follow these steps:

Conduct a Raid on Guerande Settlement: Set sail south from Saint-Anne to the Guerande settlement, engaging in plundering activities. Upon successfully completing the raid, a new clue for the investigation will be obtained.

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Uncover the Message in a Bottle: Navigate to the West Basin region, particularly the Ile Michel outpost. Keep a keen eye out for a golden glow in the sea, indicating the presence of a message in a bottle. The bottle may be located either between smaller islands south of the outpost or directly in front of it.

Chase The Ashen Corsair: Head towards the Three Brothers outpost, situated east of Ile Michel. Encounter The Ashen Corsair, a Compagnie Rammer ship distinguished by its black sails and red hull brimming with silver. Engage in an exhilarating battle with the ship, board it when its health is diminished, and collect all the silver it harbors.

Complete the Quest: Amass all the silver from The Ashen Corsair. Refer to the investigations tab within the game to peruse the final note of the story, successfully concluding the “The Ashen Corsair” inquiry in “Skull and Bones.”

Experience the Golden Age of Piracy in “Skull and Bones”

“Skull and Bones” stands as a highly anticipated video game crafted by Ubisoft, set to hit the gaming scene on February 16, 2024. This exhilarating game will be accessible on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft Windows. It immerses players in an action-packed adventure revolving around piracy and naval warfare, unfolding in a fantastical rendition of East Africa and Southeast Asia during the late 17th century, famously known as the Golden Age of Piracy. The game’s focal point on maritime combat promises a thrilling odyssey, where players navigate perilous waters and engage in epic ship battles.

The amalgamation of historical elements with a dash of fantasy injects a distinctive flavor into the gameplay, providing an immersive experience for those enchanted by the bygone era of piracy. “Skull and Bones” aspires to offer players an enthralling escapade, seamlessly bringing the excitement of naval warfare to both gaming consoles and computers. Prepare to embark on this extraordinary voyage, where fortune and glory beckon those bold enough to embrace the pirate’s life.


1. On which platforms will “Skull and Bones” be accessible?

“Skull and Bones” will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft Windows.

2. When is the scheduled release date for “Skull and Bones”?

“Skull and Bones” is set to be released on February 16, 2024.

3. What is the backdrop of “Skull and Bones”?

“Skull and Bones” unfolds in a fictional rendition of East Africa and Southeast Asia during the late 17th century, commonly referred to as the Golden Age of Piracy.

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