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Simon Weatherill Death Cause And Obituary, How Did Simon Weatherill Die?

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Simon Weatherill Death Cause And Obituary, How Did Simon Weatherill Die?

Simon Weatherill: Remembering a Sports Leader

News: On January 20, 2024, Simon Weatherill, the ex-director of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), met a tragic end. Sadly, he suffered a heart attack and collapsed during his involvement in the Portsea Swim Classic, an open water swimming event. At the age of 48, Simon, renowned for his outstanding leadership, athletic abilities, and compassionate demeanor, left the sports community profoundly saddened by his unexpected passing.

A Visionary Leader

As the director of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Simon Weatherill demonstrated a wealth of expertise and invaluable skills. His robust leadership qualities were widely admired as he played a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction and managing the activities of the athletic and aquatic facilities.

Leading the MSAC

Before his untimely demise, Simon Weatherill held the esteemed position of head at the MSAC, a prominent sports and recreation facility in Australia known for its size and diversity. He assumed this role in 2012 and served for six years until 2018. During his tenure, MSAC witnessed substantial growth and enhancement, marked by noteworthy additions such as a new outdoor pool, a hydrotherapy center, a gymnastics facility, and a cutting-edge technology hub, all made possible under his leadership.

Excellence in Facility Management

Simon Weatherill’s outstanding reputation was built on his dedication to upholding elevated standards in facility management, event planning, and community engagement. He prioritized excellence and worked diligently to ensure that MSAC stood as a premier facility, catering to the needs of both athletes and the local community.

A Tragic Incident

In a tragic turn of events, Simon Weatherill met his demise during the Portsea Swim Classic, a 1.5-kilometer open water swimming event that draws thousands of participants annually. Witnesses recounted the somber incident, stating that he abruptly ceased swimming and submerged approximately 300 meters from the event’s conclusion. Fortunately, a vigilant kayaker observed the distressing situation and promptly alerted lifeguards to intervene.

A Lasting Legacy

Throughout his tenure at MSAC, Simon Weatherill cultivated fruitful partnerships with neighboring sports associations, orchestrated notable events, and upheld the facility as a hub for aquatic and fitness excellence. His impactful contributions to the sporting community will be fondly remembered and treasured.

A True Champion

The unexpected passing of Simon Weatherill has created a void in the realm of sports. His legacy as a visionary leader, committed athlete, and compassionate individual will endure in the collective memory. The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, along with the broader sporting community, mourns the loss of a genuine champion.


Q: What made Simon Weatherill notable?

A: Simon Weatherill gained recognition for his outstanding leadership abilities, athletic achievements, and compassionate demeanor.

Q: What was the duration of Simon Weatherill’s leadership at the MSAC?

A: Simon Weatherill served as the leader of the MSAC for a span of six years, from 2012 to 2018.

Q: What transpired with Simon Weatherill at the Portsea Swim Classic?

A: Simon Weatherill suffered a heart attack and collapsed while taking part in the Portsea Swim Classic.

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