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Shogun Episode 3 Ending Explained: What Toranaga’s Plan For Blackthorne Really Is

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Shogun Episode 3 Recap: “Tomorrow is Tomorrow” Raises the Stakes

Shogun Episode 3 Recap: Tomorrow is Tomorrow

News: In the latest installment of Shogun Season 1, named “Tomorrow is Tomorrow,” the gripping narrative and high-stakes conflicts reach unprecedented levels. Within this compelling episode, Toranaga and Blackthorne encounter formidable challenges that push their resilience and strategic acumen to the limit.

The Escape Plan

Following a close call with an assassination attempt in the prior episode, Toranaga recognizes the peril that remaining in Osaka poses for both himself and his loved ones. Resolute in his decision to elude the imminent danger, he formulates a bold escape strategy. Yet, with Ishido relentlessly on his trail, the pivotal question lingers: can Toranaga manage to successfully flee the confines of the Osaka palace?

A Looming Threat

Toranaga convenes with Yabushige to discuss the attempted assassination on Blackthorne within his castle. With suspicions pointing towards Ishido’s involvement, Toranaga probes Yabushige about their association. In a candid revelation, Yabushige admits that Ishido pledged him a position on the Council of Regents in return for carrying out the assassination of Blackthorne.

A New Safe Haven

Despite Yabushige’s lack of interest in the council position, he underscores the significance of preserving his leadership. He discloses that the assassin specifically targeted Blackthorne (Anjin) and advocates for Toranaga, Lady Kiri, and Blackthorne to move to his fishing village in Ajiro for their safety. In exchange for this protective arrangement, Toranaga commits to bestowing upon Yabushige control over Suruga Province.

A Daring Escape

In the rush to depart Osaka, the group finds themselves in a race against time, hurriedly packing their belongings. Their efforts face an unexpected obstacle with the sudden arrival of Lord Ishido. Despite his skepticism, Ishido reluctantly grants them permission to leave. Toranaga, displaying clever maneuvering, switches places with Lady Kiri. When the guards attempt to inspect their carriages, Blackthorne skillfully creates a diversion, enabling their successful escape.

A Sacrifice Made

The expedition takes a perilous turn when the crew encounters an abrupt and intense assault. Amidst the chaos, a frantic member alerts their leader to the fact that Ishido’s forces, led by Lord Kiyama, instigated the conflict. Kiyama announces the impending doom for Ishido’s adherents and the alleged heretics. In a selfless act to save Lord Toranaga, Lady Mariko’s husband, Buntaro valiantly stays behind, sacrificing himself to afford his crewmates an opportunity to escape Osaka.

Seeking Refuge

With Lord Kiyama’s soldiers controlling the bay area, Blackthorne recognizes the slim chances of survival if they attempt to sail past them. He proposes seeking refuge on the black ship, renowned for its resilience against attacks. Taking command, Toranaga negotiates with the Captain, offering safe passage out of Osaka in exchange for their assistance. The Captain demands a higher price, prompting Toranaga to propose a deal: half the gold acquired from Macao will be given to the captain, and the Priest will be allowed to build a church in Edo. In return, the Father-Visitor must persuade Lords Kiyama and Ohno to support Toranaga. Though the Father-Visitor agrees, the Captain makes it explicit that Blackthorne is not welcome on the black ship.

A Twist of Events

In the Council of Regents meeting, some members express discontent with Ishido’s decision to allow Toranaga and Blackthorne to escape. However, their deliberations are abruptly interrupted by Lord Hiromatsu, who delivers surprising news: Toranaga has resigned from the Council, citing personal reasons. Ishido downplays the significance of the resignation, confident in their ability to impeach Toranaga with a unanimous 4-0 vote. However, Hiromatsu points out Taiko’s decree stipulating that five Regents must be present for any vote to pass. With only four Regents remaining, they lack the numerical strength needed to secure the requisite votes for impeachment.

A New Alliance

Upon meeting Toranaga on the black ship, the Priests present John Blackthorne’s books. Toranaga scrutinizes the contents, deeming them worthy of death. However, acknowledging the time-consuming process of transcribing the material, he requests Blackthorne to impart his knowledge to Toranaga’s men. In a pivotal turn of events, Toranaga announces that Blackthorne will now be recognized as a Hatamoto, shedding the label of “barbarian.” This moment marks the inception of a new alliance between Blackthorne and Toranaga.

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Anticipation for the Next Chapter

In Shogun Episode 3, the narrative unfolds with intense battles, strategic maneuvers, and ever-changing alliances, heightening the stakes and leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping historical drama.

This thrilling and action-packed installment of Shogun Episode 3 keeps viewers hooked with its twists and turns. As Toranaga and Blackthorne navigate treacherous waters, the stakes escalate, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the revelations in the upcoming episode.


Q: Will Toranaga successfully escape Osaka?

A: Toranaga’s escape plan holds potential for success, but its outcome remains uncertain, pending the unfolding events and challenges.

Q: What will happen to Lady Kiri and Blackthorne?

A: In order to ensure their safety, Lady Kiri and Blackthorne are advised to relocate to a fishing village in Ajiro. However, their journey is fraught with various risks and obstacles.

Q: How will Toranaga’s alliance with Blackthorne impact the story?

A: The alliance between Toranaga and Blackthorne marks a pivotal turning point, introducing new dynamics and possibilities for future alliances and strategic developments in the story.

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