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Shayne Pattynama Net Worth: Career, Home, Age, Income, All You Need to Know

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Shayne Pattynama Net Worth: Career, Home, Age, Income, All You Need to Know

Shayne Pattynama - Professional Footballer

News: Shayne Pattynama, a renowned professional soccer player, boasts a net worth of $2 million. Born on August 11, 1998, Pattynama has carved out a significant presence as both a distinguished left-back and midfielder in global football. With a striking height of 6 feet 1 inch (186 cm) and a weight of 154 pounds (70 kg), he embodies the optimal physical attributes for his profession.

Early Life and Background

Pattynama’s background is richly diverse, stemming from both Dutch and Indonesian ancestry—a blend that resonates in his distinctive playing style. He melds European precision with Asian finesse, positioning him as a multifaceted and adept athlete on the pitch.

Youth and Development

Pattynama kickstarted his early soccer journey with SV Lelystad ’67, showcasing remarkable talent even in his younger years. He subsequently transitioned to the renowned Ajax youth academy, benefiting from elite coaching that refined his abilities. As he evolved through the developmental stages at Utrecht, Pattynama emerged as a burgeoning talent within the Dutch football landscape.

Professional Career

In his professional journey, Pattynama became a part of Jong Utrecht, Utrecht’s reserve squad, further honing his abilities amidst stiff competition. Presently, he graces the field for Viking, playing a pivotal role in the team’s achievements. Standing at 5’10” with a notable left-footed skill set, he consistently proves to be a valuable asset on the pitch.

In summary, Shayne Pattynama stands as a prominent professional footballer with a net worth approximated at $2 million. Renowned for his expertise as both a left-back and midfielder, he has graced the rosters of the Indonesia national team and Viking FK. Merging European discipline with Asian finesse, Pattynama exemplifies on-field versatility. His notable physical stature, coupled with his adeptness as a left-footer, significantly amplifies his achievements in the realm of professional football.


Q: How much is Shayne Pattynama’s worth?

A: Shayne Pattynama’s worth stands at $2 million.

Q: For which teams has Shayne Pattynama played?

A: Shayne Pattynama has played for both the Indonesia national team and Viking FK.

Q: What distinct qualities does Shayne Pattynama possess?

A: Shayne Pattynama stands out with his 5’10” stature and skillful left foot.

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