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Samboy Lim Illness And Cause Of Death: How Did He Die?

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Samboy Lim Illness And Cause Of Death: How Did He Die?

Samboy Lim - The Skywalker

News: Samboy Lim, also known as “The Skywalker,” was a well-known basketball player in the Philippines. He played in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and represented the national team during the 1980s and ’90s. Known for his exciting style of play and impressive shots, including slam dunks, Lim was selected for the All-Star team five times and was on the PBA Mythical Team twice. However, his career was plagued by injuries that prevented him from winning the Most Valuable Player Award.

The Cause of Samboy Lim’s Death

On December 23, 2023, Lim passed away suddenly, leaving many people shocked and curious about the cause of his death. As of now, the cause of his death has not been revealed. This article aims to provide updates on this matter.

Health Problems and Retirement

During his time as a basketball player, Lim suffered various health problems due to the injuries he sustained while playing. Despite retiring from professional basketball, he remained active and physically fit by engaging in activities such as weightlifting, jogging, and playing basketball. He even established a basketball clinic for kids in 2005 to share his skills and knowledge of the game, including ball handling, passing, shooting, and more.

The Samboy Lim Player Development Academy

In 2010, Lim founded the Samboy Lim Player Development Academy, which garnered significant interest, especially during the summer camps. Sadly, in 2014, he experienced a heart attack after a basketball game, which resulted in him falling into a coma. He eventually woke up in 2015 but required ongoing medical care at home. His story inspired the creation of the Samboy Lim Law, which mandates high schools to teach basic life support techniques such as CPR.

Lim’s Career in the PBA

Throughout his 11-year career, Lim played for the San Miguel Beermen, formerly known as Magnolia Cheese. He made his professional debut on October 7, 1986, and his team emerged victorious against Alaska after suffering three consecutive losses. Despite facing injuries in the following seasons, Lim continued to showcase his exceptional skills on the basketball court. His ability to jump high earned him the nickname “Skywalker” among fans, who marveled at his unbelievable shots.

Achievements and Recognition

In 1989, Lim missed 11 games early in the season but only sat out a total of 18 games that year. The San Miguel Beermen went on to win all three major championships, with Lim ranking as the third-highest scorer on the team. The following year, he enjoyed a season without injuries and became San Miguel’s top scorer, culminating in him being named the Most Valuable Player after scoring 42 points in the All-Star Game. Lim was also selected to represent the Philippines in the Asian Games and was part of the Asian Games Mythical Five.

Although his team did not perform well in the Third Conference, Lim came close to being included in the PBA’s Mythical Five, settling instead for the Mythical Ten. In 1993, he was honored with a sportsmanship award for his exemplary behavior on the court. He was also named to the Mythical Second Team twice, in 1990 and 1993. Fans admired Lim for his awe-inspiring moves in the air, despite the numerous injuries that shortened his career to only nine seasons. Even though he never won the MVP award, he was still considered the “Real MVP” by his loyal supporters.

Jersey Number and Tribute

Throughout his career, Lim wore jersey number 9 and knee-high socks as a tribute to his idol, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, despite being only five feet eleven inches tall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What were some of Samboy Lim’s notable achievements?

Latest News: A: Samboy Lim was selected for the All-Star team five times and was on the PBA Mythical Team twice. He also became San Miguel’s top scorer and was named the Most Valuable Player in an All-Star Game.

Q: What inspired the Samboy Lim Law?

A: The Samboy Lim Law was inspired by Samboy Lim’s story and mandates high schools to teach basic life support techniques such as CPR.

Q: How did Samboy Lim get his nickname?

A: Samboy Lim earned the nickname “Skywalker” due to his exceptional jumping ability and his ability to make unbelievable shots.

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