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Sakshee Malikkh Breaks Down, Quits Wrestling After Brij Bhushan’s Aide Elected Wfi President

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Sakshee Malikkh’s Decision to Quit Wrestling

Sakshee Malikkh's Decision to Quit Wrestling

News: Sakshee Malikkh, a renowned wrestler, grabbed attention when she declared her departure from wrestling. This move closely followed the election of Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, previously linked to allegations of sexual harassment, as the new president of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). Many are keen to learn about the circumstances leading to Malikkh’s decision. Here, we offer a comprehensive overview of her resignation and related details.

Reasons for Resignation

Sakshee Malikkh vehemently opposed the appointment of Brij Bhushan’s ally, Sanjay Singh, as the WFI’s top official. During a press briefing, visibly emotional, Malikkh announced her decision to step away from wrestling as long as Singh held the reins. Her departure stems from the persistent allegations against Brij Bhushan concerning sexual misconduct by multiple wrestlers. Malikkh emphasized the call for a female leader to mitigate such issues, expressing disappointment that no woman was selected. She affirmed her commitment to the cause, urging the emerging wrestlers of the next generation to take a stand and compete.

Public Support

The nationwide backing Sakshee Malikkh received during their 40-day road protest deeply moved her. Yet, she firmly stated that should Brij Bhushan Singh’s business confidant secure the WFI’s top spot, she’d step away from the sport. Those participating in this movement harbor modest hopes for justice but stand resolute in their mission. Vinesh Phogat, another standout wrestler, voiced her disillusionment and apprehension regarding wrestling’s future trajectory. She pondered whom they should convey their grievances to and stressed the imperative of persisting in their struggle.

Response from the WFI President

In reaction to the wrestlers’ demonstrations, the recently appointed WFI president delivered a cryptic remark, implying that those inclined toward politics should pursue it, while those prioritizing wrestling should stick to their craft. Evidently, he views the political arena as the appropriate avenue for such concerns. Conversely, the wrestlers remain steadfast in their resolve, persisting with their plans to orchestrate national wrestling camps and advocate for their rights.

In summary, Sakshee Malikkh’s choice to step away from wrestling following the election of Brij Bhushan’s ally as the WFI president has resonated deeply within the sports fraternity. The quest against sexual harassment and the call for a female leader remain at the forefront. The future trajectory of this issue remains uncertain, but the wrestlers stand unwavering in their commitment to justice while simultaneously pursuing their training and competitive endeavors.


1. What prompted Sakshee Malikkh to retire from wrestling?

Sakshee Malikkh chose to leave wrestling because of Brij Bhushan’s loyalist becoming the new WFI president and the persistent issue of sexual harassment in the sport.

2. What is the primary goal of the wrestlers?

The wrestlers aim for justice, advocating for a female president as a measure to curb sexual harassment in the sport.

3. Do the wrestlers intend to persist with their training and matches?

despite the obstacles, the wrestlers will persist with their training and matches, also setting up national wrestling camps to champion their rights.

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