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Ross Mathews Weight Loss: Who is Ross Mathews? How Did Ross Mathews Lose Weight?

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Ross Mathews Weight Loss Journey

Ross Mathews Weight Loss Journey

News: Ross Mathews, famed for his appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has garnered attention for his remarkable weight loss achievement, shedding an impressive 60 pounds.

Beginning of the Transformation

Mathews started losing weight in 2020 after his mother passed away from breast cancer. He wanted to feel better and pay tribute to his mom, so he set out to get healthier, even though it was tough with COVID-19 around.

Changes in Diet and Exercise

One important thing Mathews did was to start cooking his own meals. He chose to make healthy dishes at home, focusing on veggies and fruits while saying goodbye to snacks and junk food. This change in how he ate helped a lot in his journey to lose weight.

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Along with eating better, Mathews started exercising regularly. He liked to walk and jog, which helped him burn calories and speed up his metabolism. By keeping at it, Mathews shed a remarkable 50 pounds by September 2020, making it a total loss of 70 pounds from his heaviest.

Emphasis on Moderation

What makes Mathews’ weight loss journey unique is his focus on balance instead of strict rules. He thinks it’s important to make smart decisions about food while still enjoying it, rather than feeling deprived on a strict diet. This way of thinking not only helped him reach his health targets but also kept him on track for the long haul.

A Dynamic Career in the Entertainment Industry

Apart from his weight loss journey, Mathews has had an exciting career in the entertainment field. He began as an intern on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where his friendly nature and clever humor stood out. This early experience opened doors to many opportunities, such as reporting on big events like movie premieres and the Academy Awards.

Mathews’ TV presence grew as he became a frequent guest on Chelsea Lately and appeared on programs like VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and NBC’s 1 vs. 100. By 2009, he started hosting web shows and joined The Insider as a correspondent, giving audiences a peek behind the curtain of Hollywood.

However, Mathews truly found his calling as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. His infectious enthusiasm and genuine appreciation for the art form endeared him to audiences worldwide. Alongside this, he showcased his exceptional hosting skills by filling in for Ryan Seacrest on E! Network’s red carpet events.

Outside of TV, Mathews has dabbled in acting, appearing in films like Pup Star, and offering commentary for events like the Eurovision Song Contest. His stint on Celebrity Big Brother made him even more popular, earning him the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest.

In recent times, Mathews has kept shining in the industry, working as a field reporter for big events and showing up often on The Drew Barrymore Show. Plus, his podcast, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, has become a place for his special mix of funny and thoughtful talk. All through his career, his strong passion and hard work have won him love and admiration from both fans and folks in the industry.

In summary, Ross Mathews’ weight loss journey highlights the importance of personal decisions and perseverance. By eating thoughtfully, staying active, and embracing moderation, Mathews managed to change his health and lose a lot of weight. Additionally, his lively career in entertainment shows his versatility, charm, and dedication to achieving his goals. Ross Mathews is a great example of how making healthy choices can make a big difference in life.


1. What was the total weight Ross Mathews shed during his weight loss journey?

Ross Mathews successfully shed an impressive 60 pounds during his journey to lose weight.

2. How did Ross Mathews modify his eating habits?

Ross Mathews opted for healthier choices like vegetables and fruits, cutting out snacks and junk food from his diet.

3. Which exercises did Ross Mathews include in his daily routine?

Ross Mathews included walking and jogging as his main exercises in his daily routine.

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