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Resident Alien’s Octopus Voice, Why He Sounds So Familiar

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Actor Nathan Fillion Breathes Life into the Octopus Character in “Resident Alien”

Actor Nathan Fillion brings depth and familiarity to the octopus character in Resident Alien

News: Nathan Fillion, renowned for his versatile acting prowess and iconic voice, imbues depth and a sense of familiarity into the octopus character within the beloved television series “Resident Alien.” Across both seasons, Fillion’s charm captivates audiences, enriching their bond with the character.

An Engaging Television Series

“Resident Alien” is a captivating American television series that seamlessly blends science fiction, mystery, and comedy-drama. Created by Chris Sheridan and inspired by the comic book authored by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, the show made its debut on Syfy on January 27, 2021.

The Storyline

Centered on an extraterrestrial entity taking on the guise of a small-town doctor in Patience, Colorado, the series delves into the challenges of concealing his alien identity. Alan Tudyk delivers a captivating portrayal of the titular “resident alien,” drawing viewers into his complex journey of assimilation. With its first season comprising 10 episodes, the show garnered acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.

Renewal and Second Season

Following its debut, “Resident Alien” swiftly earned a renewal for a second season, which was expanded to include 16 episodes split into two parts. The latter half of the season premiered on August 10, 2022, sustaining the show’s momentum and solidifying its popularity among audiences.

Nathan Fillion’s Contribution

Within the series, the octopus character finds its voice in the talented actor Nathan Fillion. Fillion, celebrated for his diverse roles across television and film, initially made a subtle impact with a single episode appearance in the first season. However, his presence becomes more pronounced in the second season. Fillion’s unmistakable voice infuses a comforting familiarity into the octopus character, endearing it to fans of the science fiction genre.

A Versatile Actor

Nathan Fillion, a Canadian-American actor, has made a significant mark across film, television, and voice acting with his versatile performances. He rose to prominence as Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds in the beloved series “Firefly” and its subsequent film “Serenity.” Fillion further endeared himself to audiences with his portrayal of Richard Castle in the enduring TV show “Castle.” Currently, he takes on the role of John Nolan in “The Rookie,” not only showcasing his acting skills but also serving as an executive producer for both the series and its spin-off, “The Rookie: Feds.” Fillion’s career spans diverse genres, from traditional cinema like “Slither” to groundbreaking internet projects such as “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” Additionally, he has left an indelible mark in the realm of animation and video games, lending his voice to iconic characters in franchises like the “Halo” series and “Destiny.” Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Fillion completed his education there before obtaining U.S. citizenship in 1997.

The Intriguing Storyline of “Resident Alien”

“Resident Alien” presents a riveting narrative of an extraterrestrial who crash-lands on Earth in a picturesque Colorado town. Originally dispatched with a mission to eradicate humanity, the alien inadvertently assumes the identity of a vacationing physician whom he accidentally kills. Thrust into the role of the deceased doctor at the local clinic, the alien confronts a moral quandary as he juggles his covert mission and develops connections with the townsfolk. The series unfolds the alien’s precarious balancing act of upholding his disguise while navigating human emotions and interpersonal dynamics. Heightening the tension is the mayor’s young son, gifted with the ability to perceive through the alien’s human facade. Against the backdrop of a charming small-town ambiance, “Resident Alien” masterfully intertwines elements of comedy, eccentric characters, and profound themes of identity, morality, and the innate yearning for acceptance.

Where to Watch “Resident Alien”

“Resident Alien” offers viewers a plethora of platforms for viewing enjoyment. For those interested, episodes can be rented or purchased through Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play, granting the flexibility to choose individual episodes or entire seasons for a fee. Alternatively, NBC’s streaming platform provides a free option for streaming “Resident Alien,” offering access to the show without any additional cost, provided viewers have access to NBC’s streaming service.

In the series, Nathan Fillion’s unmistakable voice imbues the octopus character with depth and familiarity, enriching the viewing experience. Combining elements of science fiction, mystery, and comedy-drama, “Resident Alien” delivers a captivating narrative. With its engaging storyline, talented cast, and thought-provoking themes, the show has garnered praise from both audiences and critics. Whether opting to rent, purchase, or stream the series, “Resident Alien” promises hours of entertainment for all.

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Q: What other roles has Nathan Fillion played?

A: Nathan Fillion has played various roles in film, television, and voice acting. Some of his notable roles include Captain Malcolm Reynolds in “Firefly,” Richard Castle in “Castle,” and John Nolan in “The Rookie.”

Q: Where can I watch “Resident Alien”?

A: “Resident Alien” can be rented or purchased on platforms like Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play. It is also available for streaming on NBC’s platform.

Q: How many episodes are there in the second season of “Resident Alien”?

A: The second season of “Resident Alien” consists of 16 episodes, divided into two parts.

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