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When Is Rebirth Island Coming Back To Warzone?

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 @ 8:42 PM

When Is Rebirth Island Coming Back To Warzone?

Rebirth Island Set to Return in 2024

News: The anticipated return of Rebirth Island, a well-loved Warzone map, is slated for 2024. Although the precise release date remains unconfirmed, there are speculations pointing towards a potential arrival in the spring of that year. Initially anticipated for inclusion in MW3 & Warzone’s Season 1 Reloaded, the spotlight has now shifted to Fortune’s Keep, raising the possibility of a delay in Rebirth Island’s reintroduction.

Bringing Back Rebirth Island for Cross-Platform Progression

The choice to reintroduce Rebirth Island aligns with Call of Duty’s strategy to implement cross-platform progression for Warzone. Consequently, there is a possibility that the map will make its debut simultaneously on various platforms, coinciding with the global launch of Warzone Mobile.

Possible Limited-Time Event

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Rebirth Island might not secure a permanent spot in Warzone’s map rotation. Call of Duty is committed to offering a varied selection of battlegrounds throughout the year, raising the possibility that Rebirth Island could be featured as part of a limited-time Resurgence event. This approach allows for the introduction of other exciting maps in 2024, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing gaming experience.

Rebirth Island on Warzone Mobile

Players who are eagerly awaiting the return of Rebirth Island can also look forward to experiencing it on Warzone Mobile once it is globally launched in the spring of 2024. The anticipation surrounding the return of Rebirth Island to Warzone in 2024 is high, even though the exact release date is still unknown. It is expected that the map will be reintroduced in the spring, coinciding with the launch of Warzone Mobile.

Possibility of Replacing or Joining Other Maps

It’s important to highlight that Fortune’s Keep appears to be the initial focus, potentially causing a delay in the return of Rebirth Island. Currently, the Resurgence mode features Vondel and Ashika Island, and Rebirth Island might replace or join these maps later in 2024. This strategic decision aims to cater to the preferences of players who enjoy the fast-paced and intense gameplay that Rebirth Island is renowned for.

While the permanent return of Rebirth Island to Warzone remains uncertain, players can anticipate its arrival in 2024. The speculated spring season aligns with the potential reintroduction of the map, coinciding with the global launch of Warzone Mobile. However, the priority given to Fortune’s Keep initially may lead to a delay in Rebirth Island’s return. Additionally, there is the possibility of Rebirth Island being featured as part of a limited-time event, contributing to the diversification of the map rotation in Warzone. Excitement awaits players looking forward to experiencing Rebirth Island on both Warzone and Warzone Mobile in the near future.


Q: Is Rebirth Island anticipated to be a lasting map in Warzone?

A: Rebirth Island is not slated to be a permanent addition to the Warzone map rotation; it may be featured as a limited-time event.

Q: When is the projected return of Rebirth Island?

A: While the precise release date remains undisclosed, there is speculation that it will make a comeback in the spring of 2024.

Q: Will Rebirth Island be accessible on Warzone Mobile?

A: Players can anticipate the inclusion of Rebirth Island in Warzone Mobile upon its global launch.

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