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Prince Harry’s Current Residence: A Glimpse into His Montecito Abode and More

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Prince Harry’s Current Residence: A Glimpse into His Montecito Abode and More

Prince Harry's Living Arrangements

News: Prince Harry, once a prominent member of the UK’s Royal Family, has indeed undergone a significant change in his living arrangements in recent years. Presently, he and his wife Meghan Markle reside in the upscale area of Montecito, California. This relocation occurred in 2020 after the couple made the decision to step down from their roles as senior royals in the United Kingdom.

Montecito, California: An Exclusive Sanctuary for the Affluent

Montecito is indeed a picturesque neighborhood, situated amid rolling hills and renowned for its breathtaking ocean views. It has gained a reputation as a haven for the wealthy and is home to many celebrities. Among the opulent mansions in the area, Prince Harry and Meghan’s nine-bedroom estate stands out, with an impressive estimated value of $14 million. Since 2020, this mansion has served as their sanctuary, and it often appears in online video calls and snippets from their Netflix docuseries, making it a notable location when people inquire about “Prince Harry, where is he living?”

A Journey Through Canada

Before establishing their residence in California, Prince Harry and Meghan briefly sought solace in Canada. Their time in Canada offered them a reprieve from the continuous media attention they faced in the United Kingdom. While their stay in Canada was relatively brief, it marked the commencement of their new life beyond the confines of the royal spotlight.

California: Embracing the Golden State as Home

In mid-2020, Meghan and Harry made the decision to embrace California as their new home, influenced by several factors. They expressed their desire for space, both to provide a nurturing environment for their son Archie and to set up their charitable organization, the Archewell Foundation. Nevertheless, their choice to relocate to California sparked a blend of admiration and skepticism, reflecting the diverse opinions surrounding their move and their transition away from their roles within the UK’s Royal Family.

Frogmore Cottage: A Historic Remnant

Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, England, served as Prince Harry and Meghan’s previous residence. It was a generous gift from Queen Elizabeth II following their wedding and was the place where they welcomed their son Archie. However, as they distanced themselves from their royal duties, Frogmore Cottage gradually became a symbol of their past life within the royal family, and they ultimately moved on to new endeavors and locations.

Financial Freedom and Self-Sufficiency

Prince Harry and Meghan have made the deliberate choice to forgo financial support from the royal family and have taken pride in their financial independence. Since their departure from the United Kingdom, they have engaged in various commercial deals and business ventures, solidifying their autonomy and self-sufficiency in the realm of finance.

Coverage in the Media and Speculation

Amidst the constant media coverage, Meghan’s trip to Germany to meet Prince Harry drew significant attention. This rendezvous served as a means to dispel rumors questioning the strength of their marriage. Additionally, Prince Harry’s heartfelt speech at the WellChild Awards and his openness about the possibility of residing in Japan have only intensified the media’s interest in their ongoing journey and life choices.

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The journey of Prince Harry and Meghan from the royal circles of the UK to their current abode in the sunny landscapes of California has been marked by bold and at times controversial decisions. Nevertheless, their residence in Montecito signifies their commitment to forging a life that aligns with their own terms and aspirations.


Q: Can Prince Harry and Meghan potentially reside in Japan in the future?

A: While Prince Harry hinted at the possibility of living in Japan in the future, their current home is in California.

Q: What is the estimated worth of Prince Harry and Meghan’s Montecito mansion?

A: Prince Harry and Meghan’s mansion in Montecito is valued at $14 million.

Q: Are Prince Harry and Meghan self-sufficient financially?

A: Yes, the couple has chosen to abandon financial support from the royal family and prides themselves on their financial independence.

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