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Pratyusha Vemuri Venkata’s Vision For Ai Kavach, What Happened To Ai Kavach After Shark Tank India?

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Pratyusha Vemuri Venkata’s Vision For Ai Kavach, What Happened To Ai Kavach After Shark Tank India?

Pratyusha Vemuri Venkata's Vision for AI Kavach

News: As per findings from a Cybersecurity Ventures report, there is a notable surge in online fraud and cybercrime, with anticipated annual losses reaching $10 trillion by 2025. Given the accelerated adoption of virtual transactions, particularly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, safeguarding against fraud has become imperative. Addressing this challenge, AI Kavach, established in 2021 by Pratyusha Vemuri and Girish Nagavarapu, strives to assist both individuals and businesses in thwarting fraudulent activities.

Pratyusha Vemuri’s Background

AI Kavach’s founder and primary architect, Pratyusha Vemuri, possesses a BTech and an MS in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, the latter earned from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Commencing her journey with a BTech from JNTU Hyderabad in 2004, Vemuri’s professional trajectory included technical roles at Harbinger Systems and Persistent Systems after completing her MS. She later joined Microsoft India, where she held the position of Senior Program Manager, responsible for overseeing diverse enterprise products, including Microsoft Exchange.

The Birth of AI Kavach

During her time at Microsoft, Vemuri quickly rose through the ranks and became the Head of Product Identity, Security, and Privacy for the Microsoft Cloud + AI group. She played a significant role in overseeing security, privacy, and compliance projects. However, after 14 years at Microsoft, Vemuri felt compelled to address a significant need in the market and leverage her expertise to create an AI-based fraud protection system. This led to the founding of AI Kavach in 2021.

How AI Kavach Works

AI Kavach aims to protect individuals from fraud through the use of an intelligent AI assistant. This digital assistant acts as a personal bodyguard, warning users of potential threats and attacks before any harm is done. Some of the key features provided by AI Kavach include personalized fraud alerts sent via email or phone, alerts about phishing attempts, financial fraud, and identity theft, and the use of advanced AI and machine learning technologies to identify patterns and anomalies indicative of fraud.

Future Plans and Expansion

In propelling the advancement of AI Kavach, Vemuri envisions allocating the funds to augment the engineering team. Furthermore, she aims to concentrate on securing customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, building on their achievements in metropolitan areas. Future strategies involve integrating with e-commerce platforms, financial institutions, and banks. As the prevalence of online fraud rises and cybercrime damages are expected to double by 2025, AI Kavach’s distinctive approach to fraud prevention stands as a promising solution in this escalating threat landscape.

Recognition on Shark Tank India

On the third season of Shark Tank India, Pratyusha Vemuri showcased AI Kavach, emphasizing its potential advantages for both Indian customers and organizations. Recognized as a patented and award-winning AI-powered solution, AI Kavach has the capability to identify fraudulent calls, messages, apps, and content, issuing prompt alerts. Notably, during her Shark Tank pitch, AI Kavach had been operational for a mere two months, amassing 20,000 downloads and securing 1500 paying members.

The Impact of AI Kavach

AI Kavach functions as a personal cybersecurity guardian, delivering an AI-powered security solution. In the context of India’s swift digital transformation, where a majority of activities occur online, cybercriminals find abundant opportunities. The solution presented on Shark Tank India Season 3 demonstrates how AI Kavach has innovatively crafted a defense mechanism to shield individuals from internet scammers. Positioned as the initial barrier against cyber fraud, AI Kavach is poised to have a substantial impact. For further updates, stay tuned to our esteemed news website.


1.Who developed AI Kavach?

AI Kavach was developed by a team of experts in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, combining their knowledge to create a robust system for protecting users from various online threats.

2. Can AI Kavach be customized for specific user needs?

Yes, AI Kavach offers a personalized experience by allowing users to customize their preferences and security settings. This ensures that the system aligns with individual needs and provides tailored protection against potential fraud.

3. Is AI Kavach compatible with various devices and platforms?

AI Kavach is designed to be versatile, offering compatibility with a range of devices and platforms. Whether users are accessing the internet through computers, smartphones, or tablets, AI Kavach aims to provide consistent and reliable fraud protection across multiple channels.

4. How can one acquire AI Kavach for personal use?

AI Kavach can typically be acquired through its official website or authorized vendors. Users may need to subscribe to the service, and instructions for installation and customization are usually provided upon acquisition.

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