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Playstation Plus Price Increase, Sony increases pricing for the annual plan – News

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Playstation Plus Price Increase, Sony increases pricing for the annual plan – News

Sony's Playstation Plus Price Increase Creates Controversy Among Gamers


News: In a surprising move, Sony recently announced a significant price increase for its popular subscription service, Playstation Plus. This has sparked a wave of controversy and concern among gamers worldwide. In this article, we will explore the details of this price hike, its implications for gamers, and the reaction it has received from the gaming community.

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The Price Increase Announcement

Sony confirmed the upcoming price increase for certain Playstation Plus subscription models along with the reveal of the September 2023 Essential games. Starting from September 6, the 12-month subscription plans will see a price adjustment. According to Sony, this increase is necessary to maintain the quality of games and value-added benefits provided by the Playstation Plus subscription service. However, no specific details about new games or additional benefits were mentioned, leaving many gamers questioning the justification behind the hike.

The New Pricing Structure

As the price increase goes into effect, subscribers can expect to pay at least $20 more annually for the base level, known as Playstation Plus Essential. The higher-tier subscriptions, Playstation Plus Extra and Playstation Plus Premium, will witness even heftier price hikes, with an additional $40 per year for the top-ranged PS Plus plan. Below is a breakdown of the new pricing in the US:

  • Playstation Plus Essential 12-month subscription: $79.99 (up from $59.99)
  • Playstation Plus Extra 12-month subscription: $134.99 (up from $99.99)
  • Playstation Plus Premium 12-month subscription: $159.99 (up from $119.99)

The Implications for Gamers

This price increase has raised concerns among gamers, as it directly affects their wallets and the overall value they receive from the subscription service. Many gamers rely on Playstation Plus to access online multiplayer features, monthly free game offerings, cloud storage for saved data, and discounts on purchases from the Playstation Store. With the price hike, some gamers may reconsider the value proposition of the service and opt for alternative gaming options.

Sony’s Justification and Response

Sony claims that the price adjustment is necessary to continue providing high-quality games and value-added benefits to subscribers. However, some gamers remain unconvinced and question whether the increase is justified. There is a demand for more transparency and clarity from Sony regarding the reasoning behind the price hike. Gamers are also expressing their desire for new and exclusive game offerings to accompany the increased subscription cost.

The Global Impact

It is important to note that the price increase is not limited to the US but is global in nature. Gamers worldwide will experience the same adjustments in pricing, which has led to concerns and discussions among international gaming communities. The impact of this price hike on gamers from various countries and regions will be closely monitored to gauge the overall reception and potential consequences for Sony.

Alternatives for Gamers

With the price increase, some gamers may start exploring alternative gaming options. Competitors such as Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online offer their subscription services at different price points, providing gamers with more choices and potentially shifting the market dynamics. It remains to be seen whether Sony’s price increase will result in a significant loss of subscribers or if gamers will continue to support Playstation Plus despite the higher cost.


Sony’s decision to increase the price of Playstation Plus has stirred up controversy and skepticism within the gaming community. The implications of this price hike, its impact on gamers worldwide, and the response from Sony are still unfolding. As gamers adapt to the new pricing structure, it will be interesting to see how this move shapes the future of the gaming industry and consumer expectations.

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