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Persona 3 Reload: Elegant Mother Weakness

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Mastering Elegant Mother’s Weakness in Persona 3 Reload: A Guide to Status Ailment Threats

Mastering Elegant Mother's Weakness in Persona 3 Reload

News: In the challenging world of Persona 3 Reload, facing opponents like Elegant Mother requires careful strategy and preparation. One crucial aspect of defeating this formidable foe is understanding her weaknesses. In this guide, we will explore Elegant Mother’s vulnerability to fire spells, as well as the status ailment threats she poses. By leveraging this knowledge and implementing effective countermeasures, victory can be achieved.

Section 1: Elegant Mother’s Weakness

Elegant Mother’s primary weakness lies in her susceptibility to fire attacks. Exploiting this weakness becomes pivotal in overwhelming her defenses and unleashing devastating All-Out Attacks. Fire spells like Agilao prove to be highly effective in dealing significant damage to Elegant Mother, making them an essential part of any battle strategy.

Section 2: Resistance and Abilities

While Elegant Mother may possess resistance to wind attacks, it is important to note that she does not have a repelling ability against them. Additionally, she nullifies dark attacks but does not absorb any particular element. It is crucial to be aware of her ability to cast Poison Mist, which inflicts the Poison status ailment on your entire team. This ailment not only chips away at your team’s health but also hampers the execution of powerful Theurgy abilities.

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Section 3: Countermeasures against Elegant Mother

To counteract the Poison status inflicted by Elegant Mother’s Poison Mist, equipping Dis-Poison items or utilizing persona abilities such as Baisudi is highly recommended. By doing so, the ailment can be cleansed from affected allies, minimizing the detrimental effects of the ailment. Yukari, although unable to remedy Poison, can contribute to the team’s resilience by casting Media to mitigate damage when necessary.

Section 4: Crafting the Best Team Composition

Crafting a well-balanced team is crucial to efficiently and swiftly overcome Elegant Mother. Optimal team roles include:

  • DPS (Damage Per Second): Junpei excels in this role due to his ability to exploit Elegant Mother’s weakness with fire-based attacks such as Agilao.
  • Healer: Yukari fulfills the crucial role of a healer, utilizing skills like Media to restore the party’s health and counteract damage inflicted by Elegant Mother’s attacks.
  • Support: The protagonist and Aigis are valuable support members, providing supplementary damage and buffs. The protagonist can also serve as a backup healer with access to Baisudi to cleanse the Poison status ailment. Aigis contributes both physical damage and support buffs to enhance Junpei’s effectiveness.

Section 5: Status Ailment Threats

Poison Mist is one of Elegant Mother’s formidable offensive techniques. This ability can inflict the Poison status ailment on the entire party, gradually reducing their health and hindering their ability to execute powerful abilities.

Section 6: Tactical Considerations

Maintaining awareness of the Poison status ailment’s effects is crucial for adapting your strategy and ensuring the survival of your party. Prioritizing healing and status ailment removal, particularly during pivotal moments in battle, can turn the tide of the battle in your favor and secure victory against Elegant Mother.

By understanding Elegant Mother’s weaknesses, preparing effective countermeasures, and crafting a well-balanced team, victory against this formidable adversary in Persona 3 Reload becomes attainable. Remember to exploit her weakness to fire spells, cleanse the Poison status ailment, and adapt your strategy accordingly. With perseverance and careful planning, you can emerge triumphant and reap the rewards of rare materials obtained from defeating Elegant Mother.


Q: How can I counteract Elegant Mother’s Poison Mist?

A: The best way to counteract the Poison status inflicted by Elegant Mother’s Poison Mist is by equipping Dis-Poison items or utilizing persona abilities such as Baisudi to cleanse the ailment from affected allies.

Q: Which team member should I prioritize for healing against Elegant Mother?

A: Yukari, with her healing skill Media, should be prioritized for healing against Elegant Mother to restore the party’s health and counteract damage inflicted by Elegant Mother’s attacks.

Q: What are the key tactical considerations when facing Elegant Mother?

A: The key tactical considerations when facing Elegant Mother are maintaining awareness of the Poison status ailment’s effects, prioritizing healing and ailment removal, and adapting the strategy during pivotal moments in battle to secure victory.


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