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Palworld: All Village and Town Locations Guide

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Palworld: All Village and Town Locations Guide

Palworld - Action-Adventure Survival Game

News: Palworld, crafted by the Japanese game developer Pocket Pair, stands as an action-adventure survival game. Within its vast open world, players explore diverse villages and towns, each presenting distinct experiences and opportunities.

Small Settlement

Players initially come across the Small Settlement near the Plateau of Beginnings, marking one of their first locations in the game. Despite its modest size, this village holds significant value, thanks to the presence of merchants providing essential items crucial for players embarking on their journeys.


Duneshelter, found in the middle of the Sand Dunes, is an abandoned town with a unique charm. Despite being deserted, the town is adorned with beauty and features several merchants.

Fisherman’s Point

Nestled in the southern region of Mount Obsidian, Fisherman’s Point emerges as a noteworthy trading hub on the expansive Palworld map. This sprawling settlement is home to a multitude of merchants, including a dedicated Pal merchant. Moreover, it serves as the prime location to obtain a Massive Dragon Egg, from which the formidable Jetragon emerges.

Ruined Fortress City

Ruined Fortress City is situated in the north of Obsidian Mountain near the shore. Although devoid of inhabitants, it is worth exploring as hidden eggs, including some rare ones, can be discovered. With its fortress-like surroundings, it can serve as a strategic base location in multiplayer gameplay.

Abandoned City

The Abandoned City, nestled near the No Man’s Trail at the foot of Astral Mountain, lacks a name but holds intrigue. With many passages to explore, this deserted settlement is home to the egg from which Sukaku Aqua, a formidable flying Pal, will hatch. Wander through the city to unveil its secrets and uncover valuable items.

Exploration within the diverse landscapes of Palworld not only facilitates trading and acquiring Pals but also presents opportunities to uncover hidden treasures and rare eggs, significantly enhancing the overall gameplay experience for players.

Palworld distinguishes itself with a distinctive take on the action-adventure genre, earning the moniker “Pokémon With Guns” for its humorous depiction of firearms and Pals. Beyond engaging in battles, players can leverage their captured creatures for various purposes such as constructing bases, exploring the expansive world, and participating in combat.

The game’s popularity is evident, boasting a remarkable four million copies sold within just three days of its early access release. Its dynamic gameplay and comedic elements have resonated with players globally.

The villages and towns scattered across Palworld provide players with an immersive and varied experience within the vast game world. Inhabited by charming creatures known as Pals, these areas bustle with life, offering opportunities for trading with merchants, exchanging Pals with other players, and encountering mysterious Black Marketeers, injecting an element of suspense into the players’ journey.

Furthermore, Palworld features abandoned settlements across its landscape, each holding valuable items. These deserted towns and villages serve as captivating destinations for players to explore, whether discovering hidden gems in quiet villages or unearthing valuable items in abandoned towns. Players can delve into the game’s rich environment, interact with its inhabitants, and uncover the secrets within each location.

These villages and towns are not just hubs for trading; they also serve as centers for player interaction. The dynamic nature of these settlements encourages exploration, enabling players to discover the unique characteristics and treasures each location holds.

Palworld’s gameplay offers a distinctive blend of peaceful coexistence and thrilling adventures. Players can opt to live harmoniously alongside the enigmatic creatures called Pals or embark on perilous endeavors to thwart a relentless poaching syndicate. The versatile Pals can be utilized in various ways, from combatting dangers to contributing to farms or factories.

Survival is a pivotal aspect of Palworld, as players navigate a challenging environment where food scarcity and the threat of poachers make every decision crucial. Players might face tough choices, including resorting to consuming their own Pals for survival.

The gameplay extends to exploration, permitting players to ride Pals for land, sea, and sky travel. Constructing structures, utilizing Pals for production and farming, and delving into dungeons are all integral to the dynamic gameplay. Multiplayer support allows cooperative adventures for up to four players in online co-op mode and up to 32 players on a dedicated server, fostering a social and interactive gaming experience.

Palworld is the brainchild of Pocket Pair, an independent game company headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Serving as their second early access open-world survival project after Craftopia, the company draws inspiration from popular titles like Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, incorporating familiar gameplay mechanics.

The development journey for Palworld was significant, with the game’s budget surpassing 1 billion yen. The company expanded its team by recruiting over 40 additional employees for this ambitious project. The result is a unique and immersive gaming experience that has captured the attention and appeal of players worldwide.


Q: How do I obtain rare eggs in Palworld?

A: To acquire rare eggs in Palworld, explore various abandoned settlements within the game. Thorough exploration of these locations may reveal hidden treasures, including rare eggs.

Q: Is player-to-player Pal trading possible in Palworld?

A: Yes, Palworld allows players to engage in trading activities with each other. Visit the lively villages and towns within the game to facilitate the exchange of Pals.

Q: What distinguishes Palworld from other action-adventure games?

A: Palworld stands out in the action-adventure genre due to its unique and humorous premise. The game features a comedic portrayal of firearms and Pals, providing a distinctive and entertaining gameplay experience. Its dynamic gameplay and immersive environment contribute to its uniqueness compared to other games in the genre.

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