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Palia Eye Of The Storm Quest: Comprehensive Guide and Walkthrough

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Guide to the Eye of the Storm Quest in Palia

Guide to the Eye of the Storm Quest in Palia

News: The Eye of the Storm quest within Palia marks a crucial turning point in the Temple of the Gales narrative. Activated upon finishing the “It Takes a Village” quests, it tasks players with gathering key items to conquer a formidable puzzle. This guide aims to offer an extensive step-by-step walkthrough, aiding players in successfully navigating the concluding phases of the Temple of the Gales adventure.

Starting the Quest

Commencing the Eye of the Storm quest involves initiating a conversation with Zeki on the Main Island. This kickstarts the quest, setting players on the path toward reaching the ultimate island. To progress, exploration of this final island is essential, utilizing air currents and a glider to maneuver through challenging and turbulent aerial pathways.

Activating the Flow Gate

Once on the final island, players must activate the Flow Gate to allow Caleri, Elouisa, and Zeki to reach the island. After activating the Flow Gate, players should return to Zeki, who requires an item to pick the locked door leading to potential treasures. To find something to pick the lock, players must locate a Flow Generator Fragment near the locked door’s location. This fragment can be found atop a building by following the described path.

Solving the Sliding Puzzle

Upon acquiring the Flow Generator Fragment, players should promptly return to Zeki and hand it over. Zeki utilizes the fragment to unlock the previously inaccessible door. Upon entering this chamber, players will encounter a sliding puzzle that demands solving. Mastery of this puzzle unveils concealed treasures and triggers the unlocking of four new vault bundles at the Night Sky Temple situated in Kilima Village.

Tips for Completing the Quest

Here are some tips to assist players in completing the quest:

  1. Use the glider skillfully to navigate between floating platforms and reach elevated locations.
  2. Follow the described path to find the Flow Generator Fragment for unlocking the door.
  3. Solve the sliding puzzle inside the chamber to unlock valuable vault bundles at the Night Sky Temple.
  4. Once the quest is completed, players will receive 60 Renown and unlock the Bewildered in the Wild Accomplishment.

In summary, the Eye of the Storm quest within Palia stands as a pivotal segment of the Temple of the Gales questline. This guide serves as an extensive aid, enabling players to smoothly navigate the quest, unravel enigmas, conquer puzzles, and advance towards the conclusive phases of this enthralling questline.


Q: In Palia, how can I initiate the Eye of the Storm quest?

A: To begin the Eye of the Storm quest, players need to converse with Zeki located on the Main Island.

Q: What should I do once I’ve triggered the Flow Gate?

A: Upon activating the Flow Gate, players ought to return to Zeki and locate the Flow Generator Fragment to access the unlocked door.

Q: What benefits do players receive upon finishing the Eye of the Storm quest?

A: Upon completion of the Eye of the Storm quest, players earn Renown and advance towards the ultimate quest, Vault of the Gales.

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