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OAS Clawback 2023-2024 : What is the OAS clawback?

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OAS Clawback: Understanding the Recovery Tax for Canadian Pensioners

OAS Clawback: Understanding the Recovery Tax for Canadian Pensioners

News: Ensuring a comfortable life for older citizens involves achieving financial independence. To promote financial stability during retirement, the Canadian government instituted the Old Age Security (OAS) pension program, which has been a lifeline for over 6.7 million Canadians. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the government may impose a recovery tax, known as the OAS Clawback, on specific individuals.

What is the OAS Clawback?

Canadian pensioners may encounter the OAS Clawback, a tax that comes into play when their income meets certain eligibility criteria. This taxation hinges on an income threshold established by the government, which varies depending on an individual’s earnings. Consequently, the government deducts the tax from their OAS payments, directing it back into its coffers. Importantly, both the threshold amount and tax rates are adjusted in alignment with the recipient’s age.

Threshold for the OAS Clawback

In the fiscal year 2023-2024, the OAS Clawback threshold stands at $86,912. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize that this threshold is subject to annual adjustments, influenced by factors like shifts in overall revenue. To remain informed, citizens are advised to stay current by visiting the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency for the most up-to-date information.

Eligibility for OAS Pension

To qualify for the OAS pension, individuals must fall within the age range of 65 to 74. Furthermore, there are specific income thresholds established by the Canadian government for eligibility. For those aged 65 to 74, the minimum income requirement is $142,609 annually. Conversely, individuals aged 75 or older have a maximum income limit of $148,179. It’s important to keep in mind that these figures are set by the Canadian government and may undergo revisions in response to factors like tax rates and economic conditions. Staying informed about any changes is advisable for those interested in OAS benefits.

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Calculating the OAS Clawback

The computation of the OAS Clawback entails a comparison between an individual’s annual income and the predetermined threshold for the fiscal year. Should the income exceed this threshold, a payment of 15% of the excess amount is owed to the Canada Revenue Agency. It’s crucial for OAS pension scheme recipients to be diligent in filing their old age security returns. This obligation is applicable to permanent residents of Canada who meet the age requirement of 64 years or older.

Filing the OASRI Form

Individuals looking to complete the Old Age Security Return of Income (OASRI) form should start by securing a stable internet connection and visiting the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency. After ensuring a reliable connection, they should proceed to the Taxes section and choose the Savings and Pension Plans option. Once there, they can access the Old Age Security Return of Income Form for the relevant year, furnish the requested details, and upload any essential documents. Before submitting the form, it is crucial to thoroughly review and comprehend the terms and conditions.

Seeking Assistance

To determine the OAS Clawback for the relevant year, individuals must first complete the OASRI form, which registers them for this program. Should any concerns or difficulties arise during this process, it is recommended to seek assistance from authorized experts who can offer straightforward solutions and guidance.

In summary, the OAS Clawback is a tax recovery system applicable to eligible Canadian pensioners. Retirees should familiarize themselves with the income thresholds, requirements, and the procedure for submitting the necessary documentation. By staying well-informed and meeting these obligations, pensioners can ensure compliance with the OAS Clawback regulations and attain financial security during their retirement years.


Q: What is the OAS Clawback?

A: The OAS Clawback is a tax imposed on Canadian pensioners with an eligible income.

Q: How is the OAS Clawback calculated?

A: The OAS Clawback is calculated by comparing the individual’s income for the fiscal year with the established threshold.

Q: What should I do if I have concerns or issues with the OAS Clawback?

A: If you have concerns or issues, it is advisable to seek assistance from authorized individuals who can provide guidance and help resolve problems in a simplified manner.

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