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MTV Music and TV Awards : Why Drew Barrymore has stepped down as host?

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MTV Music and TV Awards : Why Drew Barrymore has stepped down as host?


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  • On Thursday, it became public that Drew Barrymore has declined to host this year
  • MTV Music and TV Awards, citing her support for the striking Writers Guild of America workers as the reason for her decision.

Drew Barrymore, the actress and talk-show presenter, has announced just days before the event was scheduled to air that she will not be hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards this year. As a result, she will not be participating in the awards ceremony on Sunday.

As part of the Hollywood protest in support of the striking Writers Guild of America workers, Drew Barrymore has declared her intention to withdraw from participating in the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Thousands of television and film writers have formed picket lines, leading to late-night comedy shows going off the air, and Barrymore stands in solidarity with them.

Variety reported on Thursday that Drew Barrymore’s decision not to host the MTV Movie & TV Awards was the latest setback for the awards presentation. The event has already canceled its red carpet, and there is a possibility that other celebrities may follow suit and withdraw from the ceremony.

Drew Barrymore made a statement to a publication, saying that she had listened to the writers and, in order to show them respect, she would not be hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards live in solidarity with the strike. She emphasized that everything that is celebrated and honored about movies and television is the result of the hard work of the writers.

In her statement, Drew Barrymore expressed her belief that everything worth celebrating and honoring about movies and television comes from the creative work of the writers. She added that she has decided to wait and watch the event from home until a solution is reached regarding the ongoing strike, and she hopes that others will join her in supporting the writers.

Furthermore, Drew Barrymore expressed her eagerness to participate in the MTV Movie & TV Awards next year, where she can fully celebrate everything that MTV has created. She highlighted the inclusivity of the show, which allows fans to have a say in who receives the awards.

According to Bruce Gillmer, the executive producer of the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Drew Barrymore has the “full support” of the show’s producers as she steps down from hosting this year’s event. He also acknowledged that the show is now effectively “going hostless.”

The East and West branches of the Writers Guild of America, which represent writers, have claimed that despite a significant increase in television production over the past decade, their pay has remained stagnant. They assert that the companies’ actions have led to a gig economy within a union workforce, and their unwillingness to negotiate fairly has undermined the value of the writing profession.

Throughout the negotiations, leaders of the Writers Guild of America (W.G.A.) have emphasized that the future of writing as a profession is at stake.

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