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Monopoly Go Extra Puzzle Pieces: What You Need to Know

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Playing Monopoly Go: Making the Most of Extra Puzzle Pieces

Playing Monopoly Go: Making the Most of Extra Puzzle Pieces

News: Engaging in Monopoly Go promises an enjoyable and exhilarating gaming venture. This widely-loved mobile app recreates the timeless board game Monopoly in a digital format. A highlight within the game is the Toy Maker Partners event, where players gather puzzle pieces to construct toys and reap rewards. But what should you do with surplus puzzle pieces once the event is over? Fortunately, there are strategies to optimize the utility of these extra pieces.

What are Extra Puzzle Pieces?

In Monopoly Go, additional puzzle pieces refer to the surplus fragments acquired through the Toy Maker Partners event. These fragments are attainable through event tasks’ completion or by purchasing them with real currency. When you possess these surplus puzzle pieces, you have several choices to consider. You can convert them into in-game currency or dice, or alternatively, send them to your friends to expedite their game progress. To execute the conversion, simply click on the “Convert” button adjacent to the puzzle piece icon on the main screen.

Utilizing Extra Puzzle Pieces

It’s important to emphasize that these surplus puzzle pieces do not have any utility for unlocking rewards or tasks within the Toy Maker Partners event. Their primary function is to offer players opportunities to accumulate additional in-game currency or aid their friends’ progress in the game. Should you end up with excess puzzle pieces post-event, you can choose to retain them for future events or convert them into in-game currency or dice.

Tips to Obtain More Puzzle Pieces

Here are some tips to help you acquire additional puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go:

1. Land On Tiles With The Puzzle Piece Icon

A straightforward method for obtaining puzzle pieces is by landing on tiles adorned with the puzzle piece icon. These particular tiles will promptly bestow a puzzle piece upon your progress. It’s worth noting that not every tile on the board features the puzzle piece icon, so you may need to navigate the game board thoughtfully to locate them strategically.

2. Use The 5x Multiplier

You can also boost your puzzle piece tally by making use of the 5x multiplier. This feature multiplies the number of puzzle pieces you receive by five, compared to the usual amount. Nevertheless, it’s important to exercise caution when employing the 5x multiplier, as it consumes more dice and carries the risk of losing a turn. Reserve this option for moments when you are certain you can spare a turn without compromising your overall game strategy.

3. Complete Event Milestones

Successfully achieving event milestones proves to be a highly effective means of acquiring additional puzzle pieces. Every accomplished milestone grants players a specific quantity of puzzle pieces as a reward. It’s advisable to closely monitor these event milestones and make an effort to complete them promptly in order to optimize your puzzle piece collection.

4. Check The Quick Wins Section

Make sure to regularly inspect the Quick Wins section, conveniently situated at the bottom left corner of your screen. Here, you can discover a range of prizes attainable by completing straightforward tasks. Be sure to check this section periodically to identify any puzzle pieces that may be offered as rewards.

5. Spin The Wheel

Don’t forget that spinning the wheel presents an opportunity to expand your collection of puzzle pieces. To initiate a spin, a minimum of 20 puzzle pieces is required. Nevertheless, if you’ve amassed 400 puzzle pieces, you have the option to employ the x20 multiplier, greatly enhancing your prospects of obtaining additional puzzle pieces during the wheel spin.

The surplus puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go introduce an engaging dimension to the game, offering opportunities for players to accumulate extra in-game currency and expedite their friends’ progress in the Toy Maker Partners event. By adhering to the strategies outlined above, you can amass a greater number of puzzle pieces, thereby enhancing your prospects for success in Monopoly Go. Make the most of these additional puzzle pieces, and transform them into valuable resources to elevate your gaming experience and enjoyment.

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Q: Can I use extra puzzle pieces to unlock rewards in the Toy Maker Partners event?

A: No, extra puzzle pieces cannot be used to unlock rewards or tasks in the Toy Maker Partners event. Their purpose is primarily to earn in-game currency or assist friends in the game.

Q: How can I acquire more puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go?

A: You can acquire more puzzle pieces by landing on tiles with the puzzle piece icon, utilizing the 5x multiplier, completing event milestones, checking the Quick Wins section, and spinning the wheel.

Q: What should I do with leftover puzzle pieces after completing the event?

A: After completing the event, you can either keep the leftover puzzle pieces for future events or convert them into in-game currency or dice.

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