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Monopoly GO: All Epic Myths Event Rewards Lis

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Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event

Monopoly GO: All Epic Myths Event Rewards Lis

News: The highly anticipated Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event has returned, offering players enticing rewards. Whether it’s dice rolls, cash prizes, or sticker packs, there are abundant reasons to engage in this exciting event.

Event Details

Commencing on November 24, 2023, the Monopoly Go Epic Myths event introduces 48 milestones and a host of new rewards, surpassing the achievements of the preceding Thanksgiving-themed event. Spanning a duration of three days until November 27, 2023, participants are urged to swiftly accumulate points by reaching designated milestones and seizing all available rewards to expedite their progress.

Event Milestones

1. Milestone 1: Collect 5 points to receive 70 Thanksgiving Partners tokens.

2. Milestone 2: Collect 10 points to receive 15 dice rolls.

3. Milestone 3: Collect 10 points to receive Cash Rewards.

4. Milestone 4: Collect 10 points to receive a Green Sticker pack.

5. Milestone 5: Collect 55 points to receive 80 dice rolls.

6. Milestone 6: Collect 15 points to receive 80 Thanksgiving Partners tokens.

7. Milestone 7: Collect 20 points to unlock 10 Minutes Rent Frenzy.

8. Milestone 8: Collect 20 points to receive a Green Sticker pack.

9. Milestone 9: Collect 25 points to receive 120 Thanksgiving Partners tokens.

10. Milestone 10: Collect 150 points to receive 220 dice rolls.

11. Milestone 11: Collect 30 points to receive Cash Rewards.

12. Milestone 12: Collect 35 points to receive 150 Thanksgiving Partners tokens.

13. Milestone 13: Collect 35 points to receive a Green Sticker pack.

14. Milestone 14: Collect 40 points to receive 180 Thanksgiving Partners tokens.

15. Milestone 15: Collect 300 points to receive 375 dice rolls.

16. Milestone 16: Collect 40 points to receive Cash Rewards.

17. Milestone 17: Collect 45 points to receive 55 dice rolls.

18. Milestone 18: Collect 50 points to receive a Pink Sticker pack.

19. Milestone 19: Collect 55 points to receive 210 Thanksgiving Partners tokens.

20. Milestone 20: Collect 600 points to receive an event-exclusive token and 200 dice rolls.

The milestones persist until the 48th, culminating in players receiving a coveted Golden Blue Sticker pack and an impressive 7,000 dice rolls upon amassing 6,000 points.

Collect Ancient Scrolls to Secure Rewards

For players to secure all the rewards in the Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event, their primary focus should be on collecting the event-exclusive ancient scrolls scattered across specific tiles on the game board. These scrolls play a crucial role in accumulating points and reaching the event milestones. Additionally, leveraging roll multipliers can significantly enhance point acquisition, enabling players to progress more rapidly and attain even greater rewards upon completing the event.

About Monopoly GO Gameplay

Within the Monopoly GO gameplay, participants engage by rolling dice and maneuvering their tokens across diverse property tiles. With each advancement, players accrue wealth and gain the ability to enhance their properties. The objective is to clear the board and advance to the next level. In addition to constructing traditional houses and hotels, players can develop unique landmarks exclusive to each game board. Specific tiles trigger exhilarating mini-games like “Shut Down” and “Bank Heist,” injecting additional excitement into the gameplay. Rolling dice serves as a pivotal element, guiding players through this captivating journey and ensuring a delightful gaming experience with friends.

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of Monopoly GO with the Epic Myths Event, where players have the opportunity to earn enticing rewards by collecting event-exclusive ancient scrolls and achieving milestones. From dice rolls and cash prizes to sticker packs, a diverse array of rewards awaits, promising players an immersive gaming experience as they progress through the captivating game board. Gather your friends, dive into the excitement, and set out on an unforgettable journey in Monopoly GO.


Q: What is the duration of the Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event?

A: The Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event spans three days, taking place from November 24 to November 27, 2023.

Q: What prizes can I obtain by reaching milestones in the event?

A: Reaching milestones in the event will earn you Thanksgiving Partners tokens, dice rolls, cash rewards, and sticker packs.

Q: How do players gather ancient scrolls during the event?

A: To collect ancient scrolls, players need to land on specific tiles on the game board throughout the event.


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