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Lost Lands 9 Guide: Full Game Walkthrough, Gameplay, Wiki & More

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Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood – A Captivating Adventure Game

Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood - A Captivating Adventure Game

News: Lost Lands 9: Tales of the Original Brotherhood is a thrilling adventure game categorized under the Hidden Objects genre. Featuring a gripping narrative, interactive mini-games, and intricate puzzles, it provides gamers with a deeply engaging experience. The storyline centers on an enigmatic force wreaking havoc in the valleys, prompting a group of friends to decipher the enigma and halt the ensuing devastation.

In this game, participants assume the identity of the Academy of Magic’s top student, paired with a partner selected at random. Their mission is to trace the elusive creature’s path, aiding those impacted by its rampage. Yet, unforeseen developments compel them to reassess their strategies, culminating in the establishment of the First Brotherhood. Players can delve into the narrative from dual viewpoints, alternating between characters to tackle obstacles.


To advance in the game, participants need to harness the distinct skills of the primary characters, collaborating to unravel puzzles and conquer the ominous entity. The journey transports players across an array of settings, encompassing both recognizable and fresh landscapes, revealing the lore of the Lost Lands from eras preceding Susan the Warrior’s time.

Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough

The Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough provides gamers with an in-depth roadmap to maneuvering through the game’s challenges. Adhering to this guide ensures players dive deep into an engrossing gaming journey, unveiling the enigma of the unfamiliar entity, relishing reminiscent moments, and observing the emergence of the First Brotherhood via collaborative and tactical problem-solving.


Lost Lands 9: Tales of the First Brotherhood boasts compelling gameplay enriched with hidden objects, mini-games, and intricate puzzles. Participants confront a daunting threat disturbing the valleys, unsettling the local inhabitants. Assuming the identities of the adept magic academy student and a serendipitous companion, they set forth on a quest to challenge and vanquish the mysterious antagonist.

Throughout the gameplay, unforeseen developments pave the way for the inception of the First Brotherhood, enriching the narrative’s complexity. Gamers delve into the realm of Lost Lands through dual viewpoints, merging the protagonists’ abilities to decipher puzzles and overcome the malevolent force. The game transports players to both fresh and familiar terrains, granting a distinct insight into the origins of the cryptic menace predating the era of Susan the Warrior.

Compatibility and Availability

Lost Lands 9: Tales of the First Brotherhood is an Android-based adventure game, presently at version, with its most recent update launched on December 13, 2023. Compatible with Android OS 5.0 and higher, the game is the brainchild of FIVE-BN GAMES. Impressively, since its debut on December 14, 2023, it has garnered over 5,000 downloads.

In-App Purchases

Lost Lands 9 offers in-app purchases priced between ₹100.00 and ₹1,950.00 per item. Rated for ages 7 and above due to mild violence and elements of fear, players can immerse themselves in the captivating universe of Lost Lands. They can witness the inception of the First Brotherhood, tackle puzzles, and relish in nostalgic experiences. With its compelling narrative, the game stands out as a prime pick for adventure enthusiasts on Android platforms.

In summary, Lost Lands 9: Tales of the First Brotherhood stands out as a riveting and immersive adventure game, melding enthralling gameplay with a compelling narrative. Featuring hidden objects, mini-games, and puzzles, players are in for a gripping experience as they decipher mysteries, witness the genesis of the First Brotherhood, and traverse both recognizable and novel landscapes. Whether you’re an aficionado of the Hidden Objects category or merely enjoy a compelling adventure, Lost Lands 9 promises to enthrall. Dive into this exhilarating odyssey and immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Lost Lands.


1. What is the primary goal of Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood?

The primary aim of Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood is to decipher the enigma of a troubling entity creating turmoil in the valleys and halt its rampage.

2. Is it possible for players to change characters during gameplay?

Players have the ability to swap between characters, allowing them to view the narrative from dual viewpoints and tackle obstacles.

3. Can Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood be accessed on iOS platforms?

Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood is solely accessible on Android devices at this time.

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